What Is the Difference Between a Medical Spa and a Regular Spa?
June 23, 2021

What Is the Difference Between a Medical Spa and a Regular Spa?

With the daily and busy schedules life throws your way, it is essential to slow down and relax. And, the best way to de-stress is by having your entire body and mind relax as well. This is where stepping into Knoxville Medical Spa comes in handy. In a medical or regular spa, you get to take time investing in your skin, improving the appearance of your skin, and helping you feel and look your best.

Despite being quite similar, medical and regular spas are still significantly different. Here are some of those differences.


1. Purpose of the Spa Treatment

The first significant difference between a medical and regular spa is the purpose of each spa treatment. The primary goal of a medical spa treatment is to provide non-surgical aesthetic treatment. The treatment options available in medical spas help treat a variety of problems like sun damage, cellulite, or even acne. They also help in rejuvenating your skin and addressing body aesthetic concerns.

The primary purpose of a regular spa is to help you de-stress. Inside a traditional spa, you get an excellent opportunity to separate your everyday stressful life from your relaxing experience. For example, if you have problems with sleep, regular spa treatments can help your muscles relax. By relaxing your muscles, your body relaxes, and you get to fall asleep.

2. Qualification and Training of Staff

Unlike regular spa staff, medical spa staff is licensed and medically trained dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical doctors. Medical spas employ trained and licensed medical professionals with experience and expertise that help them offer clients the best cosmetic techniques for personal objectives. The medical staff also ensures that the technology and science are appropriately implemented.

Staff in a regular spa should have the correct qualifications and certifications like a beauty school certificate. They should also have relevant years of work experience, as this indicates vast skills and expertise. Having the right attitude is also essential, as a spa environment is one of peace and tranquility. Finally, the staff should be discrete and sensitive to clients’ needs and wants, as customer service is critical in regular spas.

3. Treatment

The treatment options available in both spas are also entirely different. The treatments medical spas offer include:

  • Botox

This common cosmetic procedure targets parts of your skin that are aging. The formula used for Botox treatments is derived from bacteria that researchers and scientists have re-engineered to help you acquire a younger skin complexion. Each Botox vial is injected into the patient’s muscles, and this temporarily paralyzes its movement, helping eliminate stretch marks and wrinkles.

  • Skin Lightening

This form of treatment addresses common pigmentation issues like blemishes, dark spots, melanin imperfections, and melasma. With skin-lightening systems, you can also boost the luminosity and texture of your skin.

  • Skin Tightening

This treatment aims to improve skin laxity and firmness, reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin on the face and body. It helps with collagen production which leads to a more youthful appearance. This particular treatment has become increasingly popular in Princeton, as it promises improved skin elasticity and youthfulness with minimal downtime and discomfort. For those specifically seeking non surgical facial skin tightening in Princeton, NJ, medical spas offer advanced techniques harnessing the latest technology to achieve noticeable results without the need for invasive procedures. Skin tightening treatments can also be customized to address specific areas of concern. Those looking to enhance the appearance and function of the vaginal area should more about vaginal rejuvenation and tightening, another popular treatment at medical spas. This non-invasive treatment can help improve sexual satisfaction, urinary incontinence, and overall vaginal wellness.

  • Lasers

The different laser options available address several skin concerns like discoloration, loss of collagen, blemishes, and discoloration.

The services regular spas offer include:

  • Basic Body Massages

The two most famous massages performed in regular spas are deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. The primary goal of a deep tissue massage is to soothe your skin’s inner layers along with your body’s major muscle groups. The Swedish massage aims to repair and relax damaged muscle ligaments with firm pressurized strokes.

  • Facials

This is also one of the most popular treatments in spas today. The common facial treatments most regular spas offer include skin peeling, European facial, and deep cleansing facial treatment.

4. Medical-Grade Technology

Another significant difference between a medical spa and a regular spa is its technology for every procedure. Traditional spas can’t provide cutting-edge treatments like cosmetic injections, laser hair removal, among others, as they lack the technology to do so.

Treatments like laser hair removal affect more than the skin’s surface; they actively transform the skin from the inside out. Medical spas use medical-grade technology to administer the different skincare treatments they offer successfully. At Solve Clinics, you'll find a team dedicated to utilizing these advanced technologies to ensure the highest standards of care and aesthetic results.

5. Medical Grade Skincare

The products medical spas use are more concentrated and stronger compared to regular spa products. Medical-grade products consist of a higher concentration of active ingredients that make these products desirable. Some ingredients include hyaluronic acid, anti-aging retinol, or vitamin C. Because of these components; the products make a more noticeable difference in your skin texture and tone. Unfortunately, it also makes the services pretty expensive.

Remember, for every skin concern, medical or regular spas have a possible treatment route. However, if you’re looking for an inside-out transformation, it would be best to visit a medical spa.

Medical Spa and a Regular Spa