What is a Minimalist's Lifestyle and Style
March 01, 2022

What is a Minimalist's Lifestyle and Style

Minimalism is a modern lifestyle buzzword inspired by simplicity. Ideally, minimalism, regardless of the realm used, builds on a simple, decluttered, serene, clean, and reductive way of life. In a world so overwhelming, the minimalistic approach gears to establish a timeless and deliberate sense of modesty sans compromising aesthetics.

Despite dating back to the 50s, minimalism is a modern-day vogue with niches in the world of fashion, architecture, art, lighting, and jewelry. Today, minimalism is more than a trend; it's a subculture analogous with laid-back luxury. A minimalistic lifestyle and style are profound in keeping it simple; the mantra is- less is more. Arguably influenced by the Japanese regard for beauty, the lean towards minimalism bore an ethical, practical, and effortless approach to life.

Four spheres of the minimalism movement

Minimalism is centered around subtlety, functionality, and natural appeal. While the ideology behind minimalism remains constant, the different realms it's applied to carry distinctive traits. For instance, fashionistas and architectural gurus would define minimalism a little differently from their respective field perspectives. However, contrary to misconception, minimalists do not necessarily have to compromise on choice as the subtle movement accommodates diverse shapes, textures, and colors. Ahead we explore four different spheres of minimalism and their notable characteristics.


Before leaving the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off- Coco Chanel. No doubt accessories bring the zhuzh to any look; however, there's a fine line between elegance and extravagance, and minimalism pivots it. Minimalistic jewelry plays the embellishment role without going overboard by adding delicate touches of detail.

Lenient in outlook, minimalistic jewelry attunes to various metals, styles, shapes, stones, and colors, so bet you'll exude your personality with no inhibition. Shokoro Minimalist Jewelry lets you explore clean delicate cuts, bold patterns, and versatile pieces so you can layer up and bring on your best unfussy jewelry game.


Frank Stella,  LeWitt, Agnes Martin are some of the most reputable trendsetting names of the minimalist art movement. Drawing most of its rebellious inspiration from Abstract Expressionism, minimalism in art distinguishes itself with monochromacy, hard edges, border precision, and the repetition of simple geometric forms.

Minimalistic art favors an immediate visual and gestural response as the painters exude flat two-dimensional impressions far from the visual objectivity of previous works. Correspondingly, minimalist art sculptures come in refined three-dimensional forms that utilize industrial materials from plywood to fiberglass and plastic sheets. If you're feeling a "what you see is what you get" touch in artwork, then the minimalism art movement should do it for you. 


In this spectrum, we delve into the cosmopolitan motivated wardrobe. Think staple pieces, asymmetrical cuts, and functional sophistication. In the 90s, designers leaned more into the impeccably clean urban style ditching impractical excessiveness in their cuts, fabrics, textures, and forms.

Minimalistic style is centered around comfortable, wear again items that remain timeless and practical throughout the ever-shifting fashion world. Therefore, the minimalist's wardrobe is uncluttered with versatile can't miss pieces. I mean, why have ten blazers when you can have one statement piece that you can elevate and dress down to match the occasion?


The minimalist interior décor style tastefully strips down spaces to their most basic forms; we're talking of bare essentials, clean lines, and monochromatic colors that resolve into serene curations. With a busy lifestyle, our retreats should bring back some sanity. A lean towards the minimalist style of décor breathes a simple, uncluttered, and neutral feel to the living space.

The minimalist builds their way up to natural and uncomplicated elements with flat smooth surfaces and finishings starting with a calming base. Minimalists also swear by quality over quantity, often living by the one in one out philosophy. Explore your minimalistic décor style with crisp or warm paint coats, touches of mix and match textures, wooden additions, lush plants, and artistic sculptures and lighting fixtures.

Bottom line

Minimalism is stereotypically tied to a timid reservation, that the scoop is far from true- there's an utter sophistication to simplicity. One doesn't have to tone down personal style to align with minimalism but rather pick out tasteful essentials and statement pieces as they move along. The idea behind minimalism kills down the chaos by clearing out the junk in your valuable closet space, jewelry box, or living space. It is safe to say that minimalism is an appreciative way of life that restrains exuberance and the hoarder mindset while maintaining fantastic taste and style. So, pare back and keep it simple to reach that laid-back minimalism lifestyle and fashion.

What is a Minimalist's Lifestyle and Style