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What Do The World's Elite Drink?

Have you ever wondered about what the likes of Drake, Elon Musk, and Ryan Reynolds drink at their A-list parties?

When you’re rich and famous, your eyes tend to look towards the finest-quality wines and liquors on the table. 

While attaining either of those two qualities sounds difficult for the average person, you can most definitely drink like you’re a VIP. 

Here are some of the wines and liquors that the world’s elite drink at their lavish parties. 

Louis Roederer Cristal Brut Champagne 750mL

The Louis Roederer Brut Champagne boasts brilliant light amber nuances and a captivating effervescence that you can just savour at the first sip. The mouthfeel isn’t all there is to it; even before you drink the liquor you’re already exposed to the expressive and intense aroma of Chardonnay on the nose. In particular, hints of white fruit, sweet pollen, fine citrus fruit make up the first notes of this exclusive wine. 

Frequently found in A-list galas, this liquor possesses a sophisticated charm with flavours and acidity primed to bring this drink alive. From the first touch to the aftertaste, you’ll relish in a spectrum of flavours that work in true harmony with one another.

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Aviation Gin

Did you know? Ryan Reynolds purchased a significant portion of this brand after tasting and enjoying it only a few months prior. As is the case for celebrity and wine pairings, Reynolds knew all too well what he was getting into as the “face” of the brand. 

"My responsibilities here at the company are vast. I’ll spend my days being photographed intermittently clinching my jaw muscles while pointing at things and nodding," he said. 

His words aside, he reassures that the people working behind the scenes of Aviation Gin are pretty good, competent people. And considering the spicy, sweet, cardamom and smoky flavour notes found in the liquor (also dubbed the “American dry gin”) - there is assuredly some weight behind Reynold’s claim.

Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne Gift Box 750mL

Produced by winemakers from the French countryside, any wine enthusiast has probably heard of the Dom Perignon in the past before. It’s symbolic in its luxury and indulgence, and it's a frequent topic for wine critics around the world.

But what’s in the taste? It’s smooth, complex, and balanced on the palate. The Vintage Champagne wafts with scents of dried white flowers, Meyer lemon, candied ginger, baked fruit, stone fruit, and oyster shell scents. Once the drink has entered your palate, you’ll be met with a zest of acidity from these fruity notes: deeper, sweeter notes of apple, pear, orange, peach, and lime zest. 

For a good vintage champagne, the Dom Perignon is great for holiday seasons or grand occasions with a crowd. 

Longbranch Bourbon

Wild Turkey’s Longbranch Bourbon was met with snickers when they announced Matthew McConaughey as their creative director - but that reaction was shut down moments after. This then-8-year-old drink was enhanced by mesquite charcoal (yes, the same charcoal used to heat grills) from McConaughey’s home state of Texas, giving it a brand new layer of flavours.

While certainly not the most complex drink around, Bourbon is a liquor equivalent of a good time. Truly one for the books.

Moet & Chandon Rose Brut NV 750mL

Rose Brut has a flamboyant, extroverted flavour that matches the grandeur of the A-list life. Delicate, pink, and with an attitude. The soft, fruit-forward flavor of rosés goes really well in summer parties and red carpet occasions alike. It boasts a light and herbaceous flavour, is fruity and sweet, and has a clean and dry finish. Pair it with pungent, strong-smelling meat, and you’ve got yourself a complementary pair that’ll balance each other with utmost finesse.

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Virginia Black American Whiskey

Drake and Virginia Black’s decadent American Whisky comes in a selection of two, three, or four year bourbons. It has praline tones on the nose, with a hint of caramelized popcorn too. Take a sip, and the fragrance is just as impressionable on the palate as it is on your first waft. It’s smooth, delectable, and focused on high-rye content for a distinguished flavour. The finish is soft - with hints of sweet smoke and a bit of cinnamon. 

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What Do The World's Elite Drink?

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