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What Can I Expect in Treatment? 5 Surprises

Treatment for addiction and mental health issues might not be what you think it will. Here are the surprising answers to, "What can I expect in treatment?"

What Can I Expect in Treatment? 5 Surprises

It's estimated that one out of seven people will struggle with substance addiction at some point in their lifetime. What's even more startling is how few people seek treatment.

If you're at rock bottom and are ready to reach out (or you know someone who is) checking into rehab can be a life-saving choice. But most people entering rehab have the same question: what can I expect?

Some things that may surprise you, as it turns out. Here are five of the key things you can expect from your stay at a treatment facility.

1. A Rigorous Structure

Something no one seems to talk about is just how little free time you'll have during your stay. However, this is by design.

Creating a routine brings a sense of calm and normalcy needed to get sober or stay healthy. Moreover, keeping you focused on your routine is an excellent way to mitigate some of the negative symptoms of withdrawal. People from all over the Big Peach who have struggled with addiction are entering treatment centers in Atlanta that have this personalized structure of care. This allows them to focus on their recovery and establish healthy habits that they can take with them after treatment.

2. Some Uncomfortable Personal Truths

Addiction causes people to do terrible things sometimes. You may not even recognize yourself anymore.

Rehab will force you to confront those demons through individual and group therapy sessions. No matter how uncomfortable it may be, therapy is a good way to learn coping skills that you can use when it's time to return home.

3. Education on the Dangers of Substances

Rehab isn't only a place to mend, it's a place to learn. While you likely know how dangerous drugs can be, you might not know the full story.

For example, in treatment for oxycodone addiction, you'll learn how opioids target certain receptors in your brain and can shut down your respiratory system.

4. A Holistic Approach

Though the term 'holistic' may bring about images of new age-y treatments, the term simply means 'to focus on the whole'. Getting sober can take a lot out of you physically and mentally.

The good news is that you'll have professional staff on hand to help you with both aspects. Rehab staff works in collaboration to find the best treatment option for each patient, so you'll receive the highest quality of care for your body and mind.

5. Surprising Friendships

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of your stay will be the sense of camaraderie you'll come to feel. You'll have the unique opportunity to learn from fellow patients and form friendships that can extend beyond the walls of the facility.

These friendships can come in handy when it's time to maintain your sobriety at home. Having a friend you can count on in your time of need can help keep you from making bad decisions.

What Can I Expect from Rehab?

What can I expect from rehab? A life-changing experience with quite a few surprises, as it turns out.

Rehab provides a wonderful opportunity to put yourself and your health first. So reach out and take the first step. We promise it's worth it.

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