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What Are the Best Ways to Apply Iron-On Labels on Clothes?

Whether you are stocking up the clothes for a new school year or preparing for a summer camp, labeling is an essential part of the process. You have a lot of options to choose the right type of labels. Iron-on labels for clothes are the best among them. These labels are easy to apply using a hot, dry iron, and they can sustain daily wear and tear.

Here, the right method of applications is equally important to ensure the longevity of the labels. Check out the following tips to ace the process.

Invest in the Best Labels

Due to a wide variety of labels available in the markets, the selection can be overwhelming. So, try to be cautious when choosing them. Pick the high-quality labels that offer a long-lasting and durable bond with the fabric. Many brands sell machine washable and dryable labels for clothes.

The soft woven material of these labels prevents itching or discomfort while providing flexibility to stretch with the fabric. Choose labels with eco-friendly and non-toxic ink for kids' clothing.

Apply on the Right Place

Even when you apply them correctly, iron-on stickers can sometimes stiffen the fabric with a slight margin. So, the right placement of the label is important to avoid discomfort or tension on the fabric. It will be great if you do not place them on the seam lines.

If you choose custom-designed and personalized stickers, you may even place them on the outer side of the clothing. With a cute cartoon character on a small round sticker, get creative, and make labeling a fun exercise.

Use Appropriate Temperature

Every iron-on label needs an optimum heat setting for a secure application. Set your iron for cotton fabrics to apply them properly. If in case, you can peel off the sticker easily, use a higher temperature setting, or apply iron pressure for an extended period.

The best way is to test the stickers on a sample fabric first. That way, you can adjust the iron settings and avoid any damage to the clothes. A minimum pressure of 10 to 20 seconds is essential to activate the adhesive used in the iron-on labels for clothes. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure excellent results.

Use a Parchment or Baking Paper

After positioning the cloth and label, cover them with a parchment paper before using an iron. It allows heat transfers through a non-stick surface. Even if the adhesive seeps or leaks beyond the edges, the parchment paper will soak it and help prevent the adhesive from sticking to the iron.

Use the Iron Gently

When you apply iron-on labels, turn off the steam. It helps avoid shrinking or compressing the fibers. Dry iron is the best option. Use it gently on the sticker.

Place the iron on the intended location and apply gentle pressure for 10-20 seconds. It will allow the adhesive to warm up and spread evenly. After a few seconds, shift the iron slowly to edges and corners to secure them as well.

Allow the labels to set until they are cool after ironing. Don’t forget to check the edges and corners to see if they have loose points. Also, avoid washing the garment for 24 hours after applying the label.