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Wedding Watches: Which One Will You Choose For Your Groom?

Have you chosen the wedding watch for your groom already? Find the perfect model for your style and. There is a clock for every personality! With these clues, you will find the best gift to seal your commitment.

The clocks are made to count the minutes remaining for two people who love each other to be together again. They count the hours left to celebrate the wedding and start a new life together.

Just as the wedding bouquet, the bow, the drag, the dolls for a wedding cake, the wedding rings, or the wedding dress have a significant symbolic value; the wedding watch for thegroomsmen package has a very special meaning. Find the model that fits your groom’s personality and surprise him with a gift for a lifetime.

The wedding watch tradition

Traditionally, once the delivery of the wedding bands is celebrated, a watch is given to the groom, which will premiere on the wedding day. Some women have reversed the custom, and started proposing to their partner with a watch. . This choice is linked to an idea that every time the future husband sees his watch, he remembers the love of his life.

According to the beliefs of distant cultures, the clock symbolizes that the bride thinks about the groom all the time and shares every second with him, even if he is far away. The wedding watch must be chosen carefully since the goal is to last a lifetime. In addition, it is one of the most elegant complements the look of the future husband. 

What is the perfect watch for your groom?

The materials and colors of each watch can have particular meanings for each couple. For example, the colors of your dial or bracelet can match your wedding ring stone or material.

You can also look for a watch that has specific characteristics the groom is wishing for. It can be practical for daily activities or more solemn occasions. If you are looking for a personal watch, try to identify what he is like and find the model that he will like best.

For precise groom

There’s nothing impossible for your fiance, he always finds a way to achieve his goals. He is observant and curious: his favorite part of the preparations will be to calculate how many useful wedding memories they will need at the reception.  A watch is more than an excellent complement to him since precision is one of his traits.

Your groom’s style is undoubtedly based on the details. Therefore, their accessories, in combination with their clothes, must say something about their personality and have a very personal meaning.

Choose models that show the operation of the watch or exhibit its accuracy. Details such as millimeter measurements, gears, or different buttons for each part of the watch will allow you to appreciate the aesthetics of the gift and the importance of this accessory. Digital watch is a good option, especially if you love tech gadgets and smartwatches.

If your groom choses an elegant suit, he would want to finish the look with an interesting and perhaps a bit intriguing piece. Choose a metallic model with contrasting tones on the cover like the classic Patek Philippe Nautilus. To counteract these striking effects, take care that the extensible is monochromatic. 

If you prefer the latest technological innovations or minimalist accessories, a high accuracy watch will be your choice. Find a large dial so that the details of the watch look bigger.

For creative grooms

Inspiration: that is the keyword for your groom and the perfect watch for him.  Idealistic and enthusiastic, he is a man who always looks for the good side of things.

His optimism allows him to see the world from many perspectives. However, this can distract him and, sometimes, make him procrastinate for hours while looking for images of wedding invitations and other details for the wedding.

Your groom’s style may seem relaxed, but it always has a unique touch of creativity. Besides, his most frequent inspirations are art or nature, so the color is essential in his look.

Consider giving him a watch that helps him to concentrate every time he worries over anything. Choose a watch with colored brushstrokes: take advantage of the contrast between the dial and the extensible. The bright and textured materials for the bracelet, such as polished leather or qualitative metals, will be very well appreciated.

If your groom has chosen a creative outfit, his accessories should project his personality and don’t distract from the outfit. He likes cheerful accessories, so opt for a piece that makes him feel authentic: a bit of brightness in the numbering or a design that includes drawings or artistic effects on the cover or on the extendable. It will be fresh and different.

There are models with sets of lines reminiscent of Art Deco, while other models have subtle touches of impressionist watercolors. Analog clocks will be the best option, and you can take advantage of basic designs (without alarms and with fewer buttons) to reinforce the importance of aesthetic and details.

Wedding Watches

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