Lessen Hair Loss
August 22, 2020

Ways You Can Lessen Hair Loss And Excessive Shedding

Hair shedding and excessive hair loss can be troublesome, especially if you always find hair strands all over your garments, furniture, and other places. It can also be humiliating, baffling and don’t even get me started with the extra vacuuming.

It’s normal to lose strands of hair, and there are tons of reasons why it happens. You may have noticed that when you shower or wash your hair, the drain is always full of your hair, and it constantly happens.

This makes you wonder why are you shedding so much? Or is the amount of hair you are shedding still normal? Luckily, there are ways you can do to improve your hair loss problems. Get more additional information here on how to do so.

In this article, you will learn why you are losing so much hair and what you can do to lessen the shedding. 

Why is my hair shedding so much?

One of the common reasons why we shed or lose a lot of hair is because of how we take care of ourselves. From the food we eat to the hours of sleep we get. All of these have an impact on our hair.

For instance, when a person washes their hair for the first time after a few days of not washing, they can expect to shed or lose more than the average amount, which is 50-100 strands. If you wash your hair every day, you’ll only see a few strands of hair clogging your drain. 

Other reasons for hair loss and hair shedding are due to extreme or sudden weight loss, hormonal changes, stress, and ageing.

When you start to notice that you are losing so much of your hair and see small bald patches on your scalp, this can be connected to a health problem. As soon as this happens, you should call your doctor and inform them of it.

Tips to Lessen Hair Loss and Shedding

Hair loss and hair shedding can be easily treated by professionals, especially if they have been doing hair treatments for a very long time. But for some people, they might not be financially or mentally prepared for that procedure. With that said, here are some of the simple ways you can at least prevent hair loss and excessive shedding.

Drink Lots of Water

Water is not only good for cleansing the inside of your body, but it also helps with the health of your hair and skin. Drinking the right amount of water a day can hydrate the skin, resulting in a smooth and glowing complexion. But, what about the hair? Well, water is vital for maintaining the hydration of your hair follicles. It also helps to deliver nutrients in the right places that promote healthy hair growth.

The ideal amount an individual should be drinking is eight glasses of water a day. Additionally, you can also consider eating water-rich foods like fruits, veggies, and soup.

Your Hair Needs Nutrition

The food you’re eating can be the root cause of your hair loss. Eating healthy not only gives you good skin and keeps you from getting sick, but it also promotes healthy hair growth. Healthy hair growth means that your hair won’t easily shed or break. A way to have a healthy diet is to learn how to eat fruits and vegetables regularly. These types of foods are good sources of vitamins, minerals, and important fatty acids that nourish the roots of your hair.

You can consider taking supplements if you are not allowed, or you refrain from eating certain types of foods. Just make sure that you seek advice from your doctor if you are safe to take supplements considering your health condition. If they do allow you to, ask them what supplements are perfect for maintaining your hair’s health. 

Use Caffeinated Shampoo

You might be hearing this for the first time, but caffeine applied to the scalp can be quite beneficial for the hair. This is why you should consider switching to a caffeinated shampoo if you have problems with your hair. The caffeinated shampoo helps to relax muscle fibres that surround your hair as it improves blood flow. Also, it inhibits the enzyme (5-a-reductase), which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone in our hair follicles which are linked to male and female hair loss.

Have Enough Protein in Your Diet

The hair needs keratin protein. These proteins are produced from amino acid building blocks, which can be obtained from your diet. A way to maintain enough supply of keratin protein for your hair follicles, you must consume some with every meal you eat.

Vegetarians are more prone to excessive hair shedding and hair loss as it is often difficult for them to obtain sufficient amounts of keratin proteins from their diet.

Proteins are usually found in eggs, meat, nuts, fish, poultry, and beans. If you’re planning to eat plant-based meals or become a vegetarian, it’s important to take supplements that will help supply your hair and body with the necessary proteins. Also, make sure that you don’t skip meals. When you do, your body goes to survival mode, which reduces the amount of protein and nutrients flowing to your hair follicles.

Ways You Can Lessen Hair Loss