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Ways to Cope With Tattoo Pain

When it comes to getting a tattoo, you can expect to feel some pain. In fact, if you are going for a bigger tattoo or a complex design, you will endure even more pain. However, tattoos are beautiful, and the pain is worth it for the end result. You can visit tattoo shops or even consult with people who have undergone the process before getting one. It will help you know what to expect. On top of that, here are some tips to help you cope better with the pain.

Learn Which Body Parts Hurt Less

The body part you want inked plays a big role in the amount you will feel. If your goal is to feel minimum pain, you may want to go with less painful areas. Areas with lots of muscles and fatty padding like arms, legs, hips may not hurt as much. However, some painful areas include breasts, underarms, collarbones, scalp, ribs, and face.

Book a Morning Appointment

In the morning, your adrenaline level is at its highest. Adrenaline is the hormone that helps mask pain and will allow you to put up with the pain during the process. During the night, pain-blocking endorphins flood your body. Hence, your pain tolerance level in the morning will be elevated. After the session, take a break and avoid doing any wet activities like swimming.

Talk to a Professional to Ease Your Mind

If this is the first time you are getting inked, talk to a professional to know what to expect. You do not want to walk into a tattoo shop with too much anxiety because you are clueless about the process. When you are relaxed, your experiences will be easier. If you have friends who have gotten tattoos, talk to them first. It is even better when you speak to the staff at the tattoo parlor about their first experience getting a tattoo. They will be happy to put you at ease. However, keep in mind that everyone has their own pain tolerance. And as much as the experience is painful and uncomfortable, it is certainly nowhere near kidney stones or giving birth.

Wear Loose Outfits

When going for an inking session, try and wear loose or less clothing. If the tattoo will be in a covered area, your outfit should not hold tightly to that part. If you are getting your tattoo on your upper shoulders, wear a tank top or something sleeveless. If it is something on your thigh, wear loose shorts or a skirt. You might also opt to wear loose clothing for the next couple of days as you heal. However, if your tattoo is taking time to heal or gets infected, seek medical help.

Eat Properly

Eating healthy is vital for both physical and brain function, and it also helps you deal with pain. Most people choose to skip meals when they get a tattoo, but that is a bad idea. You are not supposed to eat a lot, which may make you sicker, but eating just enough will help you. While some people pass out because of pain, you do not want to pass out due to hunger.

Take Breaks

Most tattoo artists will advise you on this before the session begins. It is essential to take breaks whenever the pain becomes too much to bear. The last thing the artist wants is for you to pass out because the pain was too much. You can take a 2-minutes break, relax, then get back to it. Also, tattoo artists have seen all types of clients, and there is no need to be embarrassed.

If you have been yearning for a tattoo but the pain is keeping you away, use some of these tips for a less painful experience. Also, follow your artists’ instructions on aftercare, and you will be fine.

Ways to Cope With Tattoo Pain