Legal Rights After an Accident
May 21, 2024

Understanding Your Legal Rights After an Accident

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Everyone who has ever gone through a car accident is going to tell you that it was one of the most traumatic experiences in their entire lives. And this refers to both, minor and more serious vehicle crashes.

A person is not only physically injured, but is hurting mentally as well. All of this can be extremely draining, making you feel completely hopeless. And then, there’s a legal aspect of this situation that must be taken into consideration too!

But whether you like it or not, it’s of huge importance to understand all your rights in the aftermath. If you would like to dive deeper into this topic, then keep reading because we’re about to tell you everything!

You Must Seek Medical Help!

Every person in this world has the right to medical assistance, and the same goes for you, and anyone else who was in a collision. Even if you feel like you are doing relatively okay, please do not give up on seeking medical help, because, after all, unless you’re a healthcare provider, you cannot possibly be certain if you are truly okay or not.

That's something that can only be concluded by a doctor. Don't forget that there are injuries that a person cannot notice right away, plus, if your medical examination is documented, you can use it as proof in case you decide to file a claim for the injuries that you sustained.

People who showcase their medical records that are related to the car accident have a much higher chance of receiving the compensation that they want and deserve. Aside from that, what's even more important is that you'll immediately receive the proper medical care which is going to help you speed up your recovery.

Another thing that you need to remember is that most insurance companies frequently contest injury claims, however, if you show them all your medical documentation (in regard to the car crash) then they won't be able to claim that you had that injury before just to avoid giving you any form of compensation.

Don’t Forget To Contact A Lawyer!

As stated in the beginning, vehicle accidents can seriously negatively impact a person's overall well-being. Now, in case you didn't know if your injuries (and the incident in general) were a direct result of someone's negligence, then you have every right to see compensation for them.

So how are you supposed to do that? Seasoned legal gurus at Boltz Legal are here to remind you that the first step during this process is to contact a personal injury attorney. Why is it so important?

If you're interested in filing for a car accident claim, then it's essential to have an advocate by your side. Yes, you can do this without them, however, keep in mind that you'll be dealing with numerous legal intricacies that you're not going to be able to handle on your own unless you are already familiar with the law.

Aside from that, you’ll also be obligated to talk to your insurance company, which is another hurdle on the road, since these people will do whatever is in their power to ensure you do not get the right compensation.

However, if you put your trust in the hands of a personal injury solicitor, you’ll have a powerful support on your team who knows how these companies work (referring to all their tricks and methods to avoid paying you anything) and who is going to be able to handle them the right way in order to provide you with the amount of money you deserve.

You Must Call The Police

In most states, you are practically obligated to do this. As soon as you call the police to report the accident, a police officer is going to make an accident report that showcases everything that happened during the accident.

This is generally very important because it’s a piece of evidence that will show that you were in a vehicle crash, which is beneficial for anyone who decides to pursue a claim. Speaking of police, there’s a chance that the at-fault driver may try to convince you not to call it.

They’ll most likely suggest that the two of you handle all of this without involving anyone else. If this happens to you, do not agree to this at any cost. How come? Well, that’s because people who suggest these things are oftentimes guilty in some way.

Maybe they do not have a driver’s license or it has expired, or they may have a police record, etc. There could literally be anything. But, at the end of the day, that’s none of your business. What you must do is to protect yourself, and your rights and you can do so by calling the police.

The Next Step Is To Take Pictures And Videos Of The Scene Of The Accident

You may feel completely lost, confused, and disoriented after a vehicle accident, and this may not cross your mind right away, however, it’s very important to do this as soon as you start feeling better.

Or right away, if you already feel fine. Why is this so critical? Well, that’s because the pictures and videos you make are going to serve as evidence that will demonstrate that you’ve been in a collision.

Luckily, a vast majority of people (if not literally everybody) have a device that enables them to take both pictures and videos with just a couple of clicks. If you feel relatively okay, meaning that you do not feel like you've sustained any major injuries, then it would be smart to document the scene of the accident as soon as you can. There are several things that should be included in your videos and pictures, such as:

  1. Damage to your vehicle
  2. The weather at the time of the collision
  3. The resting places of the automobiles
  4. Stops signs, or traffic signals
Legal Rights After an Accident

Those who have gone through a car accident know that there are so many things that need to be navigated which can oftentimes be very burdensome for the victims. However, if you implement everything that was mentioned today, you will undoubtedly smooth things out.