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Types of Grillz and Things to Consider When Buying

Types of Grillz


Previously, grillz, known as fronts, were exclusive to Hollywood stars and rich and famous rappers. Using grillz first gained popularity in the African American community to identify with hip-hop culture. However, today, everyone and anyone can get teeth grillz because of the craze of social media influencers showing off their bejeweled teeth. In addition, as the grillz grows in popularity, jewelers are experimenting with new designs and materials. They come in many shapes and sizes and range from the very expensive ones that can cost up to $25,000 to cheaper options that go for as low as $40. 

Most grillz fall into these three categories:

1. Instant grillz

These are mass-produced grillz you can wear and remove whenever you feel like it. Some come with an option of using adhesive to fit the grillz onto your teeth, but first, you check that the adhesive is safe for use. Instant grillz are usually casual grillz made for the public. Therefore, you may have a limited choice in the variety of instant grillz styles and designs. Selecting to fit instant grillz is a solid place to start if you are new to grillz and do not want to commit to them just yet.

2. Permanent Grillz

If you are a die-hard grillz fan, then permanent grillz is the way to go. You may need to undergo a dental procedure, and subsequently, you need to give specialized attention to your teeth. The finished product will be worth it. Most permanent grillz options are expensive; therefore, you may need to consider how much you will spend.

3. Custom Grillz

If you are not ready for permanent grillz but are looking for something a little more stylish than instant grillz, then custom grillz may be the option. The jeweler custom makes grillz to fit your teeth. A molding kit captures the exact shape of your teeth, and a jeweler will give you a range of designs to select. Then you wait for the creation of your design. However, once you get your custom grillz, you are still free to remove them at night or whenever you want to.

What to consider when buying grillz

If you are starting out and unsure about how to buy grillz, here are what to consider:

1. Pricing

As earlier mentioned, grillz prices can range from as low as $120 for six pieces to as high as $25,000 for designer grillz. The price difference will depend on the quality and design of the grillz, the vendor, and the economy.

For instance, expect a price range of thousands of dollars for:-

  • If you opt for a design with flawless diamonds, 
  • Other precious stones, 
  • Grillz with 22 karats of dental grade gold

Therefore, have a clear price range and be candid about it right from the start.

Be wary of jewelers who offer you a price range that seems too good to be true. You may end up with something that looks a mess, with a rigid and sharp feeling that is uncomfortable to wear and that may not even last long. 

2. Process

The more intricate the design you select, the higher the cost and the timeline of getting the grillz. For instance, gold teeth will take a shorter time to make, while intricate designs such as honeycomb or teardrop take a long period to create.

The process involved in getting your grillz will also include the time taken to ensure that your set comfortably fits in your mouth. The fit should feel as though there were nothing there. Even with custom grillz, where a molding kit captures your dental impressions, adjustments still need to be made to the customized grillz until it feels right.

3. Designs

As you discuss with a jeweler about the grillz you are looking to get, it would be a big help to be as specific as possible to exactly what it is you have in mind. If you can, have a picture of the design you have in mind. The photo will ensure higher chances that you will be happier.

Take your time to shop around and research several jewelers before you decide on your dentist. Then listen to the feedback you receive from your jeweler regarding your design choice. Designs that may look cool on some people may not be suitable for your features, and you may look better with other styles. In addition, some grillz require additional dental procedures to look a certain way.


Types of Grillz


With the wide variety of grillz available today, you will definitely find a perfect setting for your teeth. If you are starting out and unsure about the types of grillz, and whether to adopt the grillz lifestyle, then start with an instant grillz set. Eventually, work your way up to a custom grillz that is unique to you and reflects your sense of style.