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Trend Alert: Stylish Vape Accessories for the Modern Smoker

Anyone who's leafed through the pages of a vintage fashion magazine will know that smoking was once considered an essential accessory to style and sophistication. As societal opinions around smoking have shifted through the decades, new accessories that enhance the smoking experience while also reflecting personal style have transformed the iconic cigarette holders of the 1920s into the sleek, modern vape devices and pens seen today.

Accessories for the Modern Smoker

The Intersection of Style and Smoking

Back in the old days, the act of smoking was advertised to be incredibly chic and glamorous. During these times, cigars and cigarettes were primarily considered to be luxuries for the urban elite and sold as handcrafted and expensive products. The working classes didn't gain access to sleek cigarettes until modern production methods brought down prices enough to bring them to the masses.

As the popular opinions of the time brought smoking into this favorable light, individuals started to see smoking as a way to elevate their personal style and appearance. While the classic elegance associated with smoking cigarettes has since fallen out of style, the rise of vaping has created brand-new opportunities for modern accessorizing. 

More recently, manufacturers and designers have been competing against each other and striving to create accessories that are not only functional but also visually appealing. Modern smokers looking to reduce the harm of smoking by choosing to vape instead can find a wide variety of stylish and functional devices online at sites like or any number of physical stores.

The Evolution of Vaping Accessories

The variety of attractive vaping accessories available for purchase has come a long way since the earliest days of e-cigarettes. Today, anyone interested in how their lifestyle matches their outward appearance has an overwhelming number of options to choose from. As advancements in technology and shifting consumer demands continue to drive innovation in the industry, people with varying opinions of what looks good can purchase an array of affordable vape pens to match individual outfits.

As the trend evolves and prevailing tastes around popular flavors change at short notice, the overall look of modern vaping devices hasn't yet settled one way or another. Individuals who prefer larger mods that produce great plumes of smoke can find just as much variety at stores as people who generally desire understated devices that hide their habits.

How to Match a Device to Any Style

If the thought of utilizing a vape pen as a stylish accessory is appealing, there are a few factors to consider before settling on a device. Anyone wishing to partake in this rising fashion trend should also consider whether a sleek, minimalist design or a bold and colorful accessory will suit their existing wardrobe better.

A quick search online will reveal a wide range of shapes, designs and styles to choose from. If a particular shape or model isn't available in a hue that matches a preferred color palette, take a look to see if adhesive skins or wraps can assist in customizing the appearance of the device.

For a personal style that's decidedly maximalist, consider accessories that add extra pops of color, like custom drip tips and vape bands. These tips and silicone bands will make any device stand out and have the added benefit of protecting a device from drops, scratches and general wear and tear.

For a classy look that mimics the style often associated with old-school cigarettes, choose a device that's slim and round and available in more neutral tones like white or beige. These vape pens allow for a more understated look and generally pair well with tailored outfits, including suits and blazers.

Streetwear styles that denote a modern urban look are easily elevated by the addition of sleek and contemporary devices as accessories. Consider choosing a vape device in the same colors as a modern smartphone and headphones for a style that remains coherent while fitting in with modern surroundings.

Choosing Between Form and Function

When choosing a new vape, remember that often, a choice needs to be made regarding both function and form. While some vapers may want to prioritize aesthetics in their purchasing decision, it's also worthwhile to consider how the device actually functions and holds up to daily use. Make use of customer reviews online to ensure the device chosen is high quality and easy to maintain.

The increasing availability of high-performing and stylish devices is good news for fashion-focused vapers; there has never been a better time to start exploring the unique world of stylish vaping accessories. With a wide range of styles to choose from and innovations to elevate any aesthetic, anyone looking to add a touch of old-world sophistication to their lifestyle can easily do so.