Elegant jewelry has never gone out of style. It is one of those many things in the world that will forever remain timeless.

However, there has not always been many venues outside of the fashion industry where jewelry can find a niche and make a statement. Obviously, the time has finally come for that to change.

Thankfully, the jewelry industry has “stepped out of its shell” and has now found a way to express one's love, thoughts, ashes and prayers through memorial pieces.

Even cremation jewellery is popular today. This kind of jewellery is frequently worn in remembrance of or in respect to a loved one who has passed away. There are various varieties of this jewelry, including cremation rings and bracelets.  

Several designers are coming up with inspiring, compassionate, and imaginative ways to immortalize your loved ones with a variety of different styles.

Everything from bracelets to personalized rings and necklaces, are included in a variety of designs to fit all of your needs.

Have you ever wanted to look down and see the exact moon you saw the night you met your spouse?

Rub your fingers lovingly over your Grandmother’s exact handwriting telling you “I Love You”? Forever have a piece of your family member with you?

There are some recent fashion trends that will help you tell bellowed ones something special.



Many times, in several lives, the Moon has been a staple. Whether it be during a first date, marriage proposal, wedding night, or birth of a child, the

Moon has always shined brightly to create and provide a beautiful setting for amazing events in our lives. Even in our darkest hour, the Moon has been there to guide us through the night.

What does this have to do with the Charmed Simplicity Necklace? Why it’s because this lovely piece of jewelry allows you to memorialize it in the exact way it looked on your chosen date. With only the input of a date, the exact Moon phase from that specific day will become the focal point of your necklace.

It is absolutely breathtaking how even all of the craters, hills, and details are showcased within the pendant. It is a fine example of true craftsmanship.

The Moon pronounces its presence greatly on a black background surrounded by a silver border and accented even more with a silver chain. Its simple beauty will allow it to perfectly pair with all your outfits.

The silver inlay provides a lovely glowing effect (just like the real Moon) and also your choice of chain length.



Some of us wish, when a loved one passes on, that a piece of them will always be with us. Believe it or not, there actually is a way that they can be.

Through handcrafting, jewelers can literally take any cremation ashes (even those of a beloved pet) and create charming, meaningful pieces of jewelry.

The Heart Shaped Ash Pendant just happens to be favourite of many due to its loveliness and even deeper meaning. Because not only will a piece of your loved one be with you always, but the option is also available to engrave it with anything of your choosing.

All the work is handcrafted (yes, even the engraving) and created with care. Ashes are mixed with the highest quality resin to ensure that the pendant will last forever.

Meaning that no matter what, your loved one will always be with you.



Sometimes in life, there is just that one little note, quip, or simply an “I Love You” that just sticks out at you, begging to be immortalized.

This lovely Large Teardrop Necklace will allow you to do just that, and we’re not talking about just engraving it in a plain old font either. Your teardrop will actually be engraved in the exact handwriting that it was written in.

Picture this – your fiancé has taken you to dinner, planning on asking you to marry him, but he couldn’t find the words. The only thing he could think of was to write it on a napkin.

Obviously you accepted and, of course, you kept the napkin because it meant to much to you. However, the napkin has gotten lost (and found) several times, and you don’t want to lose it again. You stumble across the Large

Teardrop Necklace online and make a wonderful decision; immortalize the exact way he proposed to you, scribbles and all.

A similar scenario could happen to someone who has lost someone. Many of us would adore something as simple as “I Love You – Love, Dad” to be with us always for the simple fact that we will always know that there is someone out there who loves us.

This gold pendant allows us to that and more – no matter what script it is, big or small, these folks can make it happen.

It Is a beautiful thing – to have a memory with you always – because even looking at something as simple as the Moon can remind us how much we are loved, how much someone means to us, and that we will never, ever, be alone.