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Top Four Destinations To Visit When COVID-19 Pandemic Gets Over

Top Four Destinations To Visit When COVID-19 Pandemic Gets Over

Yes, many of us wished for this time — when we could take our foot off the accelerator, relax and spend some time with our kids. However, with several weeks of lockdown (or travel restrictions) passed, even the introverts might be getting edgy.

We all have the inner urge to break the barrier and escape out in the hustles and bustles of urban life, but no; it’s too soon for that.

The need of the hour is to stay at home for the wellbeing of your family and country.  Hey, that doesn’t mean, you got to be all stressed up and depressed over the present situation.

Be optimistic, get yourself involved in a hobby, and in the meantime, check out our list of four safe destinations you could visit when the lockdown is uplifted:

  • New Zealand

Top Four Destinations To Visit When COVID-19 Pandemic Gets Over

Popularly known as the land of adventure, this nation tops the list of the best destinations to spend a breathtaking holiday with family or best pals. Here, you get to witness the beautiful, serene landscapes and marvelous coastlines while you drive along listening to the beats of the surf.

New Zealand is also widely known for its diversity of adventure sports and heritage attractions, museums, and art galleries.

Summer is the best time to visit this island country, as you can relax at the beach while sipping your favorite cocktail, go hiking, and enjoy the delectable local cuisine. Plus, the concerts and festivals happening during this time further contribute to unforgettable family time.

At the time of writing this article, there are around 1100 active cases and just 19 deaths due to Covid-19 infection. These numbers suggest New Zealand is like safe heaven on earth amid the COVID-19 global outbreak.

  • Iceland

Top Four Destinations To Visit When COVID-19 Pandemic Gets Over

Want to get your mind away from coronavirus pandemic?  With just ten deaths, this small country with a population of 364,134 can provide you with that much-needed escape from all negativity after lockdown.

Iceland has always been amongst the most coveted destinations across the globe.

Situated in the arctic circle, Iceland promises exotic natural phenomena and majestic landscapes to be explored. Post the springtime is perfect for spending time with children in Iceland because of its optimal temperature, and a myriad of outdoor adventure activities such as hiking to playing golf at midnight, isn’t that one heck of fun? 

Also, the snow-covered mountains provide some of the most scenic views for the lifetime.

  • Bali,  Indonesia

Top Four Destinations To Visit When COVID-19 Pandemic Gets Over

Thanks to the almighty, presently, the impact of COVID-19 pandemic is next to nothing in this beautiful small island. It is unarguably a safe and magnificent destination to have an absolute relaxing retreat.

The scenic beauty of the coral reef and the spirited local cultures and traditions, you’ll learn a lot of new things.

A place of leisure, Bali has the ingredients to entice and captivate you to settle down here. The vast cuisine empowered with the Asian traditions, and local festivals and concerts are something to behold.

  • Sydney, Australia 

Top Four Destinations To Visit When COVID-19 Pandemic Gets Over

The vibrant city of the Kangaroo nation is a preferred honeymoon destination for couples around the globe. Beautiful gardens, beaches, iconic monuments, and renowned places like the Opera House will satisfy your travel bug post-Covid-19 lockdown.

One of the most populous cities of Australia, Sydney, has something for everyone.

Couples can go for romantic cruises around the famous Sydney harbor; you can take your children to a zoo or amusement parks, solo travelers love knowing everything about the rich art and history of this city or just chill at the beach and in the evening, hit clubs to check the lively nightlife.

What more you want?

Social distancing is the mantra you need to keep in mind for your next air travel

No middle seat, thermal screening, wearing a mask, sanitizing hands could be some of the new protocols defining the new normal during your next international travel.

The airlines are expected to comply with strict social distance rules and travel regulations. The ban on domestic and international airlines would be removed in phases to deter crowding at the airports.

Do you (or someone) in your family has a fear of flying or a nervous first-timer? Enrolling for a quick online course will help you overcome your fear of being out of control, height, and enclosed spaces.

Stay home, stay safe!