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Top Apps for Scrabble Lovers


We decided to put Scrabble at the top as it’s the official mobile app for the brand. However, that does not mean it is the best mobile game. Yes, it’s pretty good, as it includes the game, online multiplayer, a list of acceptable words and even integration with social with Facebook.

Many people seem to enjoy Scrabble, but some have complained about slow loading times, occasional glitches and similar things that you would expect from a typical mobile app. It is not a deal breaker though, and you will certainly enjoy playing scrabble in this app.


This is without a doubt one of the best Scrabble apps out there. It features appealing mechanics such as randomizing the score titles on the board and adds a little sophistication to the game.

It boasts a fan base of over 30 million people, and even though we don’t know how many are currently active, you will certainly find someone to enjoy multiplayer without waiting for too long. As with many apps, it is available for free with advertisements, but you can get your hands on the pro version which is ad-free for just $2.99.


Not necessarily a scrabble app but a very useful site to have on your phone if you’re really interested in Scrabble or other word games.

The site uses the letters you have to provide you with all the options available to you, making it easier to create a word. It’s what is known as a scrabble word finder - that’s exactly what it does.

Unscrambled Words

Like Unscramblex, this free online anagram solver can be a game changer when playing a game of Scrabble. All you need to do is enter the letters you have to work with and let the tool generate lists of words that you can make. If you’re really trying to work on your strategy, you can also specify if a word must start with, end with, or contain letters in a specific order. That way you can get the best letters to land on double and triple-letter tiles.

Words With Friends 2

This franchise is known to be one of the best not just because of its appealing interface and the ability to connect with friends and family, but because of the array of features, it offers without paying a cent.

Words With Friends 2 is the latest iteration and brings a bunch of features such as an improved dictionary with pop culture terms, solo play modes and even online player vs. player.

It might be free, but it feels very premium when you delve in it. However, if you yearn for a slightly more mature experience, we recommend that you go for the previous titles.

EZ Descrambler Cheats

If you like playing scrabble using Words With Friends or the official Scrabble, then EZ Descrambler is perfect as it imports the board you are playing on automatically and shows you the best move you can play in that turn. This will drastically increase your chances of finding 80-point words. Of course, it is more along the lines of cheating, but it’s fun to use when you are not playing a serious match.

Games Keeper

Keeping score is undoubtedly one of the worst things about playing scrabble. Thanks to this handy little app, you can be able to keep track, not just for Scrabble, but for any other game. Its interface is straightforward, and it can store game data for an unlimited number of players. It features a dice roll, a timer, and even an online dictionary.

Scrabble is one of the most exciting games and being able to play it on a smartphone or tablet for free with anyone around the world with these great apps makes it even more fun.

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