Top 5 Style Tips For Men To Impress Your Girl On Your First Date
August 08, 2020

Top 5 Style Tips For Men To Impress Your Girl On Your First Date

Whether you're entering an interview room to be grilled by a prospective employer, or facing an equally traumatic encounter with a new date, first impressions are everything.

Of course, there's an argument that people shouldn't be so quick to rely on something as superficial as outward appearance – surely it's the personality that counts? If only! Judging is a human trait! So if you've met someone exciting on a matchmaking platform, your 'first date style' is crucial to your success. Here are five tips that were compiled for you by dating experts from  this website.

Dress for the weather

It always makes sense to keep an eye out on what the conditions are going to be during your date. Perhaps this doesn't sound like the most romantic consideration, but practicality is everything. So what if you feel most comfortable in your summer attire?

If the forecast on the day of your date is for frequent rain, you won't create much of an impression showing up soaked to the skin. The drowned rat appearance will be the first thing your date sees, and this may well leave a lasting impression!

Dress for the occasion

Where have you agreed to go for your first date? If you've decided to book a table-for-two at some recommended restaurant, such an auspicious choice would call for a certain degree of formality. Your date is bound to feel let down if they've gone to some trouble to dress the part, only for you to show up in a t-shirt and grey joggers.

Conversely, a jaunt to a popular bar or your local multiplex doesn't require a business suit. This is where common sense is required. All you have to do is form a mental image of the overall ambiance of your prospective date location, perhaps based on experience. Now dress appropriately.

Wear comfortable clothes

Again, this might be an issue that seems inconsequential compared to other considerations that could cross your mind. But just because you've treated yourself to, say, a new item of clothing you're dying to show off is no reason to wear it to your date.

Some clothes, especially footwear, need to be broken in over some time. What is your date going to think when you spend the whole evening limping around or struggling to get out of your seat because the jeans you're wearing are a tad on the tight side?

Grooming is essential

There might be a tendency for females to spend considerable time at their favorite hairdressing salon before a date, while their partner might (or might not) dip into a local barber for a quick trim. However, you should always strive to give the impression that you have been excited about this rendezvous, and have planned accordingly.

So men should take care of their appearance, and no female is going to feel put out if their date shows up looking as if they've consulted a mirror before leaving home for this special occasion.

Similarly, women might be the ones most catered for by makeup and perfume counters up and down the country, but male grooming is also becoming more and more popular. Choose an aromatic aftershave to wear – this will go down so much more favorably than any 'natural' scent.

Smart and casual, not smart or casual

It always pays to give the impression you have mastered the fine balancing act between looking relaxed and comfortable in your attire while sporting outfits you've been prepared to spend some money on. Smart and casual is the recommended way to approach the first date – not overtly smart and formal, and not too casual, verging on scruffy!