Top 5 Reasons to Buy Microfibre Towels
October 19, 2020

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Microfibre Towels

Microfibre is a synthetic fabric, specially designed to absorb more moisture and enhance cleaning. The fibres are almost microscopic - woven tightly and then split for that cushiony soft feeling. Brands like Wovii offer a wide range of microfibre towels, and here are some reasons to buy them straight away.

Lightweight Fabric

Microfibre towels have revolutionised how people are looking at bath towels. If you are still using your cloth towels, then it is time to say good-bye to them for good.

Cloth towels become lumpy and heavy as soon as they come in contact with water. They are cumbersome to carry around, and they take more time to dry. Microfibre towels, on the other hand, are very light, and they hardly take up any extra space in your baggage. 

More Absorbent That Cloth

Drying your hair after each shower is a real chore, and you have to expose your hair to harsh hairdryers because the towel does not do a good enough job of drying.

Cloth towels also take longer to dry. How many times have you left your towels behind in hotels because they were not dry enough to pack them when it was your time to leave? Try microfibre; it can absorb moisture efficiently compared to cloth and dry just as quickly as well.

More Hygienic

Microfibre towels are way more hygienic than cloth towels. No matter how well you wash them, cloth towels will always have some residue from the products you use on your body or some residual germs.

Microfibre makes it very difficult for the germs to linger on the surface, and they are far easier to clean. Microfibre towels from brands like Wovii score very high when it comes to hygiene, and they are perfect for sensitive skin or complain of any allergies.

If you are looking for some recommendations about the best quality hygienic bath towels, we’d recommend you to go for Mizu Towels. Mizu Towels are world’s best antibacterial towels that come with self-cleaning silver fibers that change color when the dirt is on it.

More Durable

Microfibre towels will last way longer than your regular cloth towels. The strands on a cloth towel slowly give away after the wear and tear of regular use, scrubbing, and washing.

On the other hand, microfibres are tightly woven and can withstand daily wear and tear much longer. Imagine how much you can save if you do not have to replace your towel constantly.

Greater Comfort

The best thing about a shower is to be able to wrap yourself up in a soft towel later! No matter how soft they are when new, cloth towels eventually become abrasive on your skin. Daily use roughens up the surface texture of regular cloth towels.

However, microfibre towels retain their softness throughout use. The microfibre technology used to make them does not allow the strands to stiffen over time, as is the case with regular cloth towels. They remain soft on the skin and do not damage your hair when drying.

Microfibre towels have now become a staple in many households. Once you have tried the new microfibre towels yourself, you will never want to return to using cloth towels ever again.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Microfibre Towels