September 14, 2021

Top 5 Places in Italy to Live a Lavish Life after Retirement

Italy is the best country to celebrate your golden year’s post-retirement. The country has one of the best healthcare systems globally, a beautiful landscape, fantastic culture, and exquisite food and wine. Many foreigners plan to retire in Italy but struggle to choose the best region for settling down. So, to help you out a little, this article provides you with the top 5 areas in Italy to live a lavish life after retirement.


1. Lombardy

If you have hustled and earned enough at your young age and want to have a luxurious life post-retirement, moving to Lombardy is the best decision you can make. One of the global capitals of fashion – Milan is a part of the Lombardy region in Italy. The culture here is incredible, and the place is full of mesmerizing historical architecture and luxury shops. You can take a stroll around Lake Como and have a walk in the countryside.

The cost of living in Lombardy might be a little high, looking at Italy's luxurious lifestyle and economy. According to retire2italy experts, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for EUR 950 per month in the city center. Buying an apartment will cost you somewhere between EUR 3,500 to EUR 8,500 per sq. meter.

2. Sicily

Sicily is a city of beautiful beaches and historic townships. People who are looking to buy a property in Italy can consider Sicily as a great option. The region is situated in the south of Italy and has one of Italy's best dinners, beaches, and low-cost houses.

A meal at an average restaurant will cost you somewhere around EUR 10, while a one-bedroom apartment on rent will cost you EUR 390 per month (city center). You can easily purchase an apartment at EUR 2500 per sq. meter in Sicily. Exotic white sand beaches and low-cost living make Sicily one of the best regions to retire in Italy.

3. Puglia

Another beach area in Italy, Puglia, has an 800 km coastline and is perfect for people who are planning to retire in Italy. The place has impressive dinners that are famous for earthy cuisine, high-quality wine, and tourist locality. In addition, the place has a low cost of living and slow-paced life, ideal for retirement. One-bedroom apartment rent in the city center will cost you around EUR 400 per month while purchasing an apartment in Puglia will cost you around EUR 3,250 per sq meter.

4. Lazio

Lazio is a region in Rome – a busy metropolis offering excellent healthcare options and many more facilities. The place is perfect for people who can't speak Italian and struggle with health conditions. One of the significant reasons people retire in Italy is the top-rated Italian healthcare system ranked second by WHO globally. Lazio offers both public and private healthcare benefits.

Apart from the healthcare, you can enjoy exquisite cuisines, hybrid culture, and vibrant city life in Lazio. Regarding the cost of living, you would pay around EUR 900 per month for an apartment on rent right in the city, while an apartment on rent in the outskirts will cost you EUR 300 per month. You can also buy an apartment at EUR 6,000 – 10,000 per sq. meter in Lazio.

5. Tuscany

If you love wine more than anything in this world, Tuscany will be heaven for you. Lush green hills and widespread vineyards surround this beautiful place in Italy. The capital, Florence, has some of the famous architectural masterpieces. What's more? There are beaches where you can swim and chill around during the weekend.

The unique blend of fantastic lifestyle and nature makes Tuscany a perfect place to live in post-retirement. The cost of living here is not very expensive. A one-bedroom rented apartment in the city center will cost you around EUR 650 per month, while purchasing a house will cost you around EUR 3,200 to EUR 4,800 per sq. meter.