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Top 5 Personalized Wedding Party Favors To Surprise Your Guests

From Sanitizing to Bookmark, trending favors for wedding in 2021

We all have attended weddings of our close ones, isn't it? So much fun, happiness, traditions, rituals, the gathering of relatives and friends, and lots of blessings and gifts come with it.

Wedding is not just about two souls meeting each other but also two families uniting. You have your families and friends traveling from far to join you on this big day of your life. 

To keep the tradition alive, one can show their guests some gratitude by presenting them the personalized wedding favors. Here we will tell you about some of the best wedding favors you can select for the special day.

  • Personalized Hand Sanitizer Favor

Personalized Hand Sanitizer Favor

Covid-19, who can deny the effects of it and the changes it has brought into our lives? Wearing the masks and using sanitizers have become the new normal where maintaining social distancing has become necessary. 

In this wedding season, present your guests with this personalized hand sanitizer wedding favor. It will remind them of your love and affection that you have for them.

These sanitizers have 80% of alcohol to ensure greater protection and are perfect for all skin types. The glycerin present in it moisturizes the skin in dry weather. It also cleans your hands perfectly and dries even faster. Moreover, you can add customized labels on the top of the bottle.

  • Round Scented Candles Vanilla 

Personalized Hand Sanitizer Favor

Another best thing that you can give your loved ones on your special day is these personalized round scented travel candles. The fragrance of these candles has spiciness captivated in them, which will make your day when lightened up. 

These personalized wedding favors are perfect, useful, and show your gratitude to the guests righteously. Your guests will indeed feel impressed by this cute little vanilla-scented candle.

  • Gold Bottle Stopper With A Crystal Heart 

Personalized Hand Sanitizer Favor

Give your invitees these unique and elegant and personalized beach wedding favors and show your heartfelt gratitude towards them. This Golden Bottle topper comes with a crystal heart placed on top of it, which is truly mesmerizing and stunning in all ways. 

It comes with a black rubber gasket, which ensures the tight seal, and the stopper's bottom base is painted in golden color, adding more beauty to it. It also comes with an attached black heart-shaped tag, which conveys the message of thankfulness. 

Every bottle stopper comes in a gorgeous black box with a gold metallic ribbon and bow tied around.

Personalized Wedding Matches 

Personalized Hand Sanitizer Favor

Another cool idea of wedding favors that you can present to your guests on your special day. Yes, these personalized matchboxes. Each set consists of 25 matches of high quality. 

The matches have white tips which look very unique. There are about 60 label colours available, from which you can choose the one that suits the wedding theme. You can get your photo printed on the matchboxes or a special message that you want to convey to your guests and show your gratitude towards them.

  • Snowflake Bookmarks 

Personalized Hand Sanitizer Favor

We have another excellent personalized wedding favor on our list, which you can give to your loved ones. This snowflake bookmark favor is perfect if your wedding is during the winter. 

This bookmark is detailed with a silver metal snowflake page marker and has white tassels attached to it that peeks out between the pages of a book. 

Every snowflake bookmark comes packed in a beautiful box with a satin bow tied around it. A tag that will convey the message you have for your loved ones. Every time your closest ones will use this favor, it will remind them of your big day. 

In conclusion, giving your loved ones wedding favors means you are showing them the love, affection, and gratitude you have for them. You thank them by sending them these cute mini gifts as a token of love for joining you on your special day.

Most of the time, words are not enough to express how you feel. These beautiful small gift items will surely add an extra touch to your wedding and be loved by all.


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