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Top 5 Netflix Series With Fabulous Masculine Style

Netflix is a lifesaver. For so many of us, it saves us from nights and weekends of boredom at home alone. With movies and entire series available for a bing fest, Netflix series and shows make our free time ever more enjoyable. Do you enjoy TV shows with strong male leads? Netflix has plenty of such options.

Top 5 Netflix Series With Fabulous Masculine Style

However, Netflix also has a list of really good shows that aren’t available in all regions across the globe. But don’t worry, you can easily access all of Netflix US content (the most comprehensive list of shows) via a good VPN. Watch unblocked movies with a good VPN. A VPN like VeePN will allow you to change your server location to the USA. This will give you unlimited access to all the Netflix USA shows and movies without paying extra! You can download a free trial and see the benefits yourself.

Now, without further ado, let’s get Netflix unblocked and explore the best Netflix series and shows with strong male leads:

1. Suits

Oh, dear old Harvey Specter and his shenanigans that had us glued to the screen for the entirety of this Netflix series. A show that depicts the lives of lawyers in the most luxurious way that makes you want to become a lawyer. This show will also show you a human side to lawyers that we rarely get to see with controversial cases and love interests that will have you hooked to the show till the last episode. The show definitely has some strong male characters complimenting leading ladies as well. Not to mention, this is the Netflix series that made Meghan Markle so very famous. If you can’t access Suits in your region, then access Netflix USA and use Netflix unblocked via a VPN.

2. Breaking Bad

One of the best tv shows with strong male leads, Breaking Bad has our heart. A high school chemistry teacher dwelling in the world of drugs and getting into serious trouble while he struggles to save his own life at the same time. Even today, when someone watches the show from the start, they are mesmerized by the character of Walter White, an innocent high school teacher turned drug lord. Unblock movies online and shows also, and watch Breaking Bad from anywhere in the world with a good VPN.

3. Peaky Blinders

Do the Peaky blinders need an introduction? We think no, it is undoubtedly one of the best Netflix series with strong male leads out there. Peaky Blinders is well known, as is Tommy Shelby from the show. Among the Netflix programs, he is the best dominant male. We've been intrigued by him since the moment he first appeared. He has a keen eye for detail and appears to know exactly what he wants. He's a war hero who saved the world after the war.

We observe in the show that he has undergone a significant transformation in terms of his behavior. He's a well-rounded character who can adapt to any situation. You don't have to watch just one episode to get a sense of his personality and character traits because his plotlines are interwoven throughout the entire show.

4. The Originals

Are all TV shows with strong male leads supposed to have good leads? Not really, The originals’ lead character Klaus Michealson is a troubled Vampire cum Werewolf with murders and indiscretions under his belt. But you can’t stop yourself from loving him till the very end. His soul is tortured and you find yourself justifying all his actions.

His older brother Elijah on the other hand is a man of honor and keeps his little brother in check. This is a tale of supernatural beings fighting for power and their survival through dark times. You must watch this by having your Netflix unblocked via a good VPN.

Top 5 Netflix Series With Fabulous Masculine Style

5. Lucifer

The main character of the show is Lucifer. He's charming, charismatic, hilarious, and British. He uses a lot of religious analogies, and we're out of adjectives to describe him. But we'll never get tired of Lucifer's charm and humor.

After the hashtag #safelucifer trended on Twitter, Netflix picked up the show, and Lucifer quickly became a cultural touchstone.

Lucifer is a fallen angel who was banished to hell by God. That's why people call him the devil. While bored with his responsibilities, the devil decides to use his God-given abilities to assist the LAPD in investigating murder cases.

To be honest, this is a strange plot, and that's exactly what it is. The program, on the other hand, gets away with it and turns out amazing episodes after brilliant episodes. The show has a great sense of humor and understands just when to have fun with it. This is the perfect moment to watch this devilish drama because the final season has been released on September 10th, 2021. So you are sure to get an entire Netflix series to binge in one go without any cliffhangers.


There are more TV shows with strong male leads that we can add to this list, but in our opinion, these are the ones that take the cake. Some of the strongest characters in Netflix history have emerged from these very shows and are the talk of the town, even after years of their launch.

Many of these shows aren’t available in different regions other than the USA. For this, you can always invest in a good VPN that will keep your streaming data secure and give you access to an unblocked Netflix for life. As we said, there are plenty of such shows out there that you can have fun watching. The world of good TV shows with strong male leads doesn’t end here. We hope you have all the fun in the world while watching these.

Top 5 Netflix Series With Fabulous Masculine Style