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Top 5 Cities to Enjoy Summer Time on Spanish Riviera

Top 5 Cities to Enjoy Summer Time on Spanish Riviera

For decades in a row, Spain remains one of the most popular destinations for anyone looking to enjoy the unique culture and top-notch resorts. The reasons for visiting this magnificent country are many.

Magnificent beaches, historical landmarks, excellent food and lots of things to do that can only be done there.

In this article, we will suggest weekend getaways like Valencia and Barcelona, ​​classic party destinations like Mallorca and Malaga, as well as a number of unknown Spanish gems that are just waiting to be discovered. Here are Spain's top 5 destinations to enjoy this summer.

1. Valencia

Top 5 Cities to Enjoy Summer Time on Spanish Riviera

Anyone who has not yet discovered Valencia, Spain's third largest city, has something good and interesting to look forward to.

Not only that the visitors increasingly enjoy Valencia's bachelor parties but the oldest city centre displays all the splendid buildings, such as the cathedral, the bell tower Miguelete and the Central Market.

The narrow alleys of the Carmen neighbourhood provide restful shadows and even more historical insights.

Through the city, Turia, until the 1950s, the city used to wind a wide river but now, it's Europe's largest inner-city park at the place where it used to flow.

Turia opens into the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, a huge complex of bold futuristic architecture by architect Calatrava.

Enjoy the future in his arguably most remarkable work famously known as The City of Arts and Sciences!

Outside at the seashore, excellent beaches await on both sides of the city. The most popular one is La Malvarosa, further away are more sparsely populated beaches. The Costa Blanca and Alicante are also within easy reach.

In Valencia, one should, of course, try a well-made Paella (the genuine one was born right here) and indulge in a glass of freshly squeezed juice at the area's famous oranges at Plaza de la Reina.

2. Malaga

Top 5 Cities to Enjoy Summer Time on Spanish Riviera

Fantastic Seville excuses. Malaga is increasingly beginning to feel like the new capital of southern Spain. Previously, the city was seen by many as a lightweight destination where you changed means of transport.

But today, Málaga has undergone a transformation and developed into a southern European metropolis for culture, food and nightlife enjoyment. You cannot now walk many meters in this city without encountering a newly opened art gallery or yet another excellent bar with gastro tapas.

It's no wonder that so many people choose to swim in the city's own beaches and enjoy all these new opportunities.

At the same time, of course, Malaga retains its strategic position. The Costa del Sol starts practically where the city ends and in the other direction, increasingly popular Costa Tropical is on.

Not to be forgotten, it is also close to three of Spain's foremost excursion destinations: the city of Ronda (which no Spain traveller should miss), the Moorish palace Alhambra in Granada (one of Europe's major attractions) and the Camino del Rey trail (a spectacular hike along the walls of the El Chorro gorge).

3. Palma de Mallorca

Top 5 Cities to Enjoy Summer Time on Spanish Riviera

Mallorca is the indestructible classic. At times, Mallorca has been predicted to lose in popularity, as the older generations' choices sometimes do.

It's been the opposite. Instead, Mallorca goes young and old and sometimes the whole thick family understandably.

Because of the great tourism, Mallorca remains as one of the Mediterranean's most inviting islands with its smorgasbord of glorious beaches, quiet mountain villages and ever-changing landscapes.

The island's pleasant and increasingly trendy capital Palma is hard to get tired of. The town is suitable for long walks along the marina, around the mighty La Seu Cathedral and the Es Jonquet area with its culturally protected windmills.

The range of really good restaurants and bars in Palma is growing year by year. Many visitors find that the narrow alleys of the La Lonja district accommodate some of the city's best taverns.

4. Barcelona

Top 5 Cities to Enjoy Summer Time on Spanish Riviera

The capital of Catalonia is one of the world's most popular destinations and one of the cities in Europe that really seems to have top class: architecture, beaches, pulse, pub scene, shopping, football, and cultural offerings.

Still, the city came here after careful consideration. Many believe that Barcelona is being loved to death. In the summers, the enormous stream of visitors has reached chaotic dimensions and almost stifles the city. The protests from angry residents are getting higher every year.

But it is not possible to keep Barcelona out of the top Spanish destinations. The city is too atmospheric, for multifaceted and simply too fun for its own sake sometimes.

It would also be difficult to deny that we visitors make a strong contribution to the cosmopolitan and open atmosphere that is the hallmark of Barcelona.

So why not go here in September when the tourist river flows much quieter? Or you are true party animal who wants to experience Barca at its fullest in the summertime? The choice is on you.

5. Ciutadella de Menorca, Menorca

Top 5 Cities to Enjoy Summer Time on Spanish Riviera

Better known among Spaniards as Mallorca's unknown little sister that is a natural destination beyond the ordinary in the Mediterranean region. Half of the island has been declared a biosphere reserve by the UN agency UNESCO, which means that all plants and all wildlife are strictly protected by the law.

However, it is the southern and western coast of Menorca that attracts most travelers. Here are seaside resorts such as Cala n´Bosch and Son Xoriguer and the most beautiful of the island's total of 120 beaches.

Two cities are located in Menorca. Maó does not lack charm, but Ciutadella on the western end of the island is a much larger attraction. In the interesting and well-preserved city center from the 16th century, traces of the city's past glimpse as an Arab colony.

At Ciutadella's restaurants, you should try lobster if your wallet can withstand. Menorca is famous for its lobster dishes. Every year, the Spanish king traditionally goes over to the village of Fornells here and orders the village's famous lobster soup at the restaurant Es Pla.

In Conclusion:

Of course, there are far more than just five places that have to be seen in the gorgeous county of Spain both during warm and cold days.

Spanish islands stand as the perfect opportunity for anyone looking for unforgettable party time and its legendary coastal cities hide just the same fun but with all the charming remnants of the glorious colonial past.

Think carefully what your desires from this trip are and decide where you will spend this summer that will hardly ever leave your heart, mind, and well-stuffed stomach.

Top 5 Cities to Enjoy Summer Time on Spanish Riviera