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Top-5 Biker Necklace Designs in 2019

Everybody knows that bikers adore thematic accessories. They pull off massive rings, impressive shiny belt buckles, cool-looking bracelets, and eye-catching earrings. Silver-made necklaces found their place in bikers’ wardrobe as well. Those are pieces with irresistible masculine magnetism. This fact makes them sought-after for guys seeking a way to effortlessly man up their appearance. With one of these mind-blowing biker necklaces, you will undoubtedly look as hard as nails.

Chain Necklaces

As simple as it gets, chain necklaces remain an evergreen classic among biker neck jewelry. The reason behind their popularity is easy to explain: they are lustrous, stout, and resilient, just what bikers look for in body ornaments. There are a few weaving types available on the market – Cuban, Figaro, Rolo, Herringbone, etc. - so you won’t face any troubles to find a necklace matching your personal style. If you’re going to pair such a chain with a bracelet, make sure they carry the same weaving style and metal.

Necklace with a Pendant

In contrast to burly chain necklaces that feature no extra ornamentation, more elegant and skinny necklaces require a pendant to look complete. Normally, those are long pieces that you can hide under your clothes in the formal environment or rock them over your outfit when you’re out of an office suit. Make sure both a necklace and pendant are designed in the same style to retain a cohesive look. Try not to affix a heavy pendant to a lean chain because it will look ridiculous and you can even damage the links. The most popular choices for biker pendants are crosses, skulls, revolver guns, crucifixes, Thor hammers, carp koi fish, etc.

Leather Biker Necklaces

A leather biker necklace for men is among this season’s trends. You can find several variations of this jewelry – from wide chokers to thin multi-layered necklaces. More often than not, these pieces carry a small pendant. The most beneficial option is a black, brown, or burgundy leather cord with a discreet silver pendant and matching clasp. If leather is not an option, you can replace it with a hemp rope. This will add an earthy and relaxed feature to your look.

Beaded Necklaces

Some people might say that beads are for girls. However, we tend to disagree. Beads can be met in rosaries, a totally masculine religious attribute. Therefore, beaded necklaces have a right to make their way to the wardrobe of a bold fashionista. Beads can be made of anything – stone, wood, bone, gems, metal, etc. All-gem necklaces, of course, are not acceptable for a tough guy, but a combination of, let’s say, black onyx beads with silver looks just jaw-dropping. For a more sweep-of-your-feet effect, you can pair such a necklace with a cross pendant.

Fancy Necklaces

When it comes to biker jewelry, there is only one correct approach: the fanciest, the better. That’s why you can often meet over-the-top designs and sizes. With a fancy necklace, you have an ample room to express yourself. Normally, fancy necklaces carry recognizable biker symbols – skulls, pistons, crosses that, attached to one another, constitute a bizarre yet appealing chain. Such a piece may look out of place in the everyday wardrobe but for special biker occasions, it is just right.

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