Top 10 Best Coffee Additives
July 07, 2022

Top 10 Best Coffee Additives

Coffee is the favorite drink of most people living on the planet, many of whom, even in terrible nightmares, cannot imagine their morning without this strong, invigorating elixir. True connoisseurs of this drink prefer only elite varieties of coffee, while others love instant coffee. Some People drink strong coffee without sugar, others like it with milk. We are all different, but united in our love of coffee. Coffee Makers can speed up your routines and keep you perfectly, and deliciously on target. To diversify the taste of your favorite drink, we bring to your attention 7 additives  that will give the usual coffee a unique taste.

1. Milk or cream

These dairy products are a favorite addition to coffee in many countries. Both milk and cream can be optimal in certain cases. The choice of additive is influenced by the type of drink: milk is used for foam on latte coffee, cappuccino, and cream is more suitable for invigorating espresso. The second factor is the individual taste preferences of the consumer. The main thing is that milk and cream are fresh. Otherwise, they may curl up and spoil the coffee. Some people also use packets of nectar as a thickener for their coffee to help prevent choking, especially those with swallowing disorders. Besides, there are coffee additives with vitamins - one of the examples is collagen coffee creamer.

2. Berries, fruits, nuts

To flavor coffee, ready-made syrups with the taste of wild berries, pineapple, banana, peach are used. But you can work hard yourself and make a delicious coffee supplement by chopping fruits or nuts in a blender. Citrus lovers use zest when making coffee.

3. Syrup

In coffee houses, as a rule, the choice of syrups is amazing in its variety. Chocolate, walnut, caramel, mojito, vanilla, pistachio - everyone will find an option to their taste. Nothing prevents you from having the same extensive range of syrups at home. Buy miniature versions for personal use, which are smaller than bottles from coffee shops, because the consumption of syrup is not so much.

Usually syrup is added to latte. Its delicate milky texture goes well with a slightly sugary taste. Although it is not worth pushing yourself into the framework. Experiment and always keep on hand a couple of your favorite syrups that make your favorite coffee even tastier.

4. Cinnamon

Perhaps the easiest way to diversify and transform the usual taste of coffee is to add a pinch of cinnamon to it. The cozy aroma of this spice will instantly create a fabulous atmosphere around and cheer you up. If you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown from the hustle and bustle of work and deadlines, then this is an effective medicine that will help you calm down and return to your working mood.

Cinnamon, by the way, is distinguished not only by its cool taste characteristics, but also by its beneficial properties. It speeds up metabolism and suppresses cravings for sweets. After such coffee, you definitely do not need a dessert.

5. Whipped cream

Delicate taste and airy texture of whipped cream instantly brings you back to life? Then add cream to your coffee! A simple rule works here: the more, the better.

Whipped cream usually pairs well with milk-based coffee. If you serve such a drink to the table in a nice mug, then there will be even more joy and gastronomic pleasure.

6. Ice cream

If you drink coffee not only when you need to warm up, then this topping is perfect for you. Yes, we are talking about ice cream! Chop it into large slices or form balls with a special spoon. It all depends on your imagination.

Coffee with the addition of ice cream is called "glace". This drink is very popular. Especially tasty and tender coffee will turn out if you add creamy ice cream to it.

7. Chopped chocolate

Do you love coffee and chocolate? Then you probably know that this is a great tandem. We offer not to eat chocolate with coffee, but to prepare a very cool and mouth-watering drink from these ingredients. Finely chop the chocolate and add to coffee. An important point: the most spectacular chopped chocolate will look on the "cushion" of whipped cream.

Choose any chocolate: milk, dark, white. It all depends on your taste preferences and the desired result. If you like a rich, strong taste, then dark chocolate is exactly what you need. For those with a sweet tooth, of course, either milk or white chocolate will be an ideal option.

8. Ground pepper

In coffee, you can add not only cinnamon, but also other spices and spices. For example, ground cayenne pepper. Coffee with the addition of such savory notes is usually called "Mexican". And this association is not accidental. It really warms up in minutes. If you like to experiment, then be sure to try this unusual combination. A small pinch of pepper will be enough to make your favorite drink unrecognizable, but still very tasty!

9. Marshmallow

Marshmallows are the most delicious decoration for coffee and cocoa. With such a drink, you need to wrap yourself in a warm blanket, sit comfortably on your favorite sofa and turn on a good series about love and friendship.

Marshmallows slowly melt in your mouth and lift you to the pinnacle of gastronomic bliss. Choose either large or large marshmallows. If serving is important to you, then you can experiment with the color of marshmallows and mugs. It will turn out very cool and original if you choose a combination of pastels colors, such as blue and pink!

10. Sugar, powdered sugar, sugar substitutes

Many consumers refuse sugar or any other sweeteners, believing that they spoil the taste of coffee, and do not allow its aroma to reveal. Such a minority. The right amount of sugar added to good coffee does not kill the taste, but only benefits it. But some types of coffee are still not taken with sugar (for example, Turkish coffee, latte coffee)

Top 10 Best Coffee Additives