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Top 10 Benefits of Baobab Essential Oil

Baobab essential oil has long been known for its therapeutic and health benefits. It helps to reduce stress, ageing as well as work to improve immunity and respiratory health. Moreover, it’s a strong insect repellent as well. Put simply, baobab essential oil is your key to good health and beautiful life. The post below highlights on the top baobab oil benefits.

1. Effective nerve relaxant

This is one of the most important benefits of baobab oil. The essential oil is a fantastic relaxant and works wonders to cool down your nerves. If you are under huge stress or suffer from anxiety attacks, a warm bath with few drops of baobab oil will help you to wake up and feel good.

The smooth woodsy aroma of the herm has a beautiful uplifting effect that calms the nerves. You can use the oil in your bathtub or in your aroma diffuser to create a positive peaceful state around.

2. Amazing sleep booster

If you suffer from insomnia you will benefit from baobab essential oil big time. Stress, anxiety and tensed nerves are some of the biggest sleep inhibitors. As mentioned earlier, the oil is extremely effective in relaxing the nerves and hence it can alleviate the stress & anxiety that you are facing.

Consequently, you will end up with deep good night sleep. You can use the oil in two ways to fight insomnia. One, you can take a bath with few drops of the oil in your bathing water just before you retire to bed. Otherwise, you can pour a few drops of the oil on your pillow for a fragrant tranquil ambience that will gradually transcend you to a long slumber.

3. Great for toxin removal

It’s to note here the essential oil is largely used in soap and other skin cleansers. It’s because the oil is fantastic for removing physical and etheric toxins which congest the body. So, you can use the oil as skin cleaner easily. Just pour a few drops of the oil on your bathing water and you will come out all clean, refreshed and disease free.

You should also know that the oil effectively stimulates urination, perspiration as well as the digestion system. This way, it enables the body to clear out the deposited toxins so that you can be healthy and safe.

4. Great insect repellent

baobab oil has had been in use as a great insect repellent since historical times. Insects like biting flies, gnats and mosquitoes can’t tolerate the smell of the oil and hence maintain safe distance.

You can use the oil in your insect repellent spray bottles, potpourri, candles or diffusers to keep these annoying unwanted guests at bay. Consequently, the oil will also keep you & your family safe from the diseases these insects spread.

5. Alleviates respiratory issues

The essential oil contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties which are helpful to relieve respiratory troubles. The anti-inflammation properties of the oil also work to soothe respiratory tracts which help to eliminate issues like- sore throat, phlegm, mucus and congestion. Moreover, the oil not only treats the respiratory issues but also prevents the pathogens that cause the infection.

6. Prevents infection

baobab oil is loaded with great antiseptic properties which make it a fantastic solution for infections as well as various skin disorders. If you are suffering from acne or pimples, this oil can create wonders for your skin.

7. Boosts immunity

It’s to stress here that one of the baobab essential oil benefits is that it is a wonderful immunity booster as well. The oil assures protection against bacteria, fungi, viruses and various pathogens that make you sick. baobab oil is rich in antioxidants & immune-boosting chemicals which fight against these harmful germs and power up your immune system. As a result, your body becomes more resistant to diseases and infections and you end up with a healthy disease-free life.

8. Prevents aging

This is another important reason why you should make the oil an integral part of your wellness and beauty regime. The oil is high in antioxidants which can slow down aging and regenerate our skin cells. Regular application of baobab oil can eventually remove all the unwanted spots, lines, wrinkles and fine lines from your skin.

9. Good for dry skin

This point is in connection with the point mentioned above. The aging signs on skin mostly occur due to dry skin. If you can keep your skin hydrated and refreshed, you will be able to prevent the unwanted symptoms of premature aging. And baobab essential oil is just the thing that you will need here. The oil is a wonderful emollient which serves as a very effective skin-lubricant. It keeps your skin moisturized, hydrated and eliminates all kinds of dry skin issues. In other words, if you are craving for that glam glowing skin, baobab essential oil is your best buddy.

10. Enhances cognitive health

baobab oil is not just about improving physical beauty but also about improving your cognitive health. The oil is extremely effective for those suffering from cognitive issues such as dementia, poor memories as well as other such cognitive woes. It’s the uplifting aroma of the oil which clears the neural pathways while inhaled and helps you to experience stronger focus & concentration.

Things to remember

It’s to note here, despite being a natural oil, baobab oil is shown to manifest some side effects in certain cases. Here are the things to remember while using the oil.

  • One can’t use the oil if s/h is suffering from a terminal illness, epilepsy and cancer. It’s suggested to discuss with your physician first before you use the oil.
  • The oil may cause some sort of skin irritation for some, especially for those with sensitive skin. You should always do a patch test on your skin before applying the oil in full course. If you feel any kind of irritation within 2 to 3 hours, this oil is not suitable for you.
  • You must not ever ingest the oil as direct consumption may cause stomach issues
  • The oil cannot be applied directly on skin if you are breastfeeding or pregnant