Tips, Tricks, and Must-Dos to Make the Ultimate Vietnam Trip
March 18, 2020

Tips, Tricks, and Must-Dos to Make the Ultimate Vietnam Trip

Vietnam is a small country in Southeast Asia that's home to about 97 million people. While the country is small, it still encompasses over 100,000 square miles and has 2,000 miles of coastline. 

The country is beautiful and the people are friendly. It's a wonderful place to visit. If you love traveling, Vietnam is a definite must for the bucket list. 

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam? Ready for the ultimate Vietnam experience? Read on for tips and tricks for what to do on your Vietnam trip. 

Visa Application

Apply for your visa before your trip. You're eligible to buy your visa on arrival if you're arriving by plane to one of the international airports.

You can apply for your visa letter here. Apply at least two weeks before departure. 

Print your letter and bring it in your carry-on luggage. Print and fill out the visa application form and bring that in your carry-on luggage as well. Bring two up-to-date passport photos.

Make sure you have US dollars with you for the visa. It's $25 US dollars. 

While you're getting your visa ready, visit the doctor and ask about travel vaccinations. 

Vietnam's Three Main Regions

Vietnam is small but you'll need time if you want to visit the whole country. Leave yourself a week at least for each of the three main regions:

  • North
  • Central
  • South

Central Vietnam sees lots of rain between September and December and is prone to flooding. November to March is the cold season in North Vietnam while April to October is hot and wet. 

April to September is hot, humid, and wet in South Vietnam. July and August are prone to flooding. Decide which region you'll visit and then plan accordingly. 

Money Issues

Vietnam is inexpensive. Make sure you have US dollars and Vietnamese Dong. You'll use Dong for local expenses like restaurants, bars, and market stalls. 

You'll need US dollars for any tourist spots and excursions. US dollars are used for hotels as well. Don't rely on credit cards. 

Travel Agents

Travel agents help when it comes to booking tours and finding things to do. They'll help you find places of interest and cultural sites. 

What to Wear

It's okay to show some skin but take a coverup and long pants for visiting temples and holy sites. If you'll be in the north during the cold season, bring warm clothes. Otherwise, shorts, t-shirts, and skirts are fine. 

Try the Food

Don't drink the tap water! Don't use ice in your drinks.

Do try the local foods but look for vendors with crowded stands. They've got the best food. If you want to try that strange-looking fruit, wash it in bottled water and peel it. 

A Vietnam Trip to Remember

Have a Vietnam trip to remember! Vietnam is a beautiful Southeast Asian country with warm, friendly people. 

Get your visa before you go and bring US dollars and Vietnamese Dong. Decide which region you're visiting and plan for that region's weather. If you're visiting the whole country, give yourself at least three weeks. 

Try new foods, relax, and enjoy your vacation! 

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