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Tips To Help Find The Right Engagement Ring

Engagement rings

There is that time in your life when all you want is to get engaged to the person you love and live happily ever after. It’s a time in one’s life that we look forward to with great anticipation.

It is what we have spoken of for years since we were little children pretending to march down the aisle with our playmate of the day. We all long for romance, even the least romantic want some fuzzy feelings and butterflies in the stomach when you look into the eyes of your loved one.

And as we get older and start seeing our friends getting engaged or married, we begin to shape an idea in our heads of what we want one day when we are the ones getting engaged or married.

Find a jeweller in your location

The internet is like a phone book in the old days. Start your quest by using Google to search for a phrase like ‘engagement rings Sydney’ to see which jewellers there are in your area.

You will want to go to and look at a few jewellers to get an idea of what it possible so don’t pick a place that is far away. Or, alternatively, pick a place that has excellent online services that will give you the sense of being right on your doorstep.

Look at different designs, different looks, what precious stones and metals there are and the different prices. Make a few visits before you decide on what you want to use for the big sentimental item you’re about to commit to having on your finger for the rest of your life.

Figuring out the look

Have a look at magazines and go online to see and view what designs are popular now. Many designs stand the test of time and can even be considered as ‘timeless’, these are often very good options as they don’t become dated.

Designs that are popular today can sometimes become something that is no longer attractive, while there are others that never lose their appeal. So, choose carefully. If your partner isn’t involved in the buying process and it’s a surprise, do some homework before you commit to a look.

Try to do some casual window browsing in the shops next time you go to the mall. Listen carefully in conversations because often hints will be dropped and you need to be ready to pick up on them.

Understanding pricing

The more you shop around the more familiar you’ll become at knowing what the going prices are, what makes a ring more expensive or cheaper. There is a massive array of precious stones and metals to choose from.

You’ll begin to learn the jargon and be able to converse quite comfortably with different jewellers. In the beginning, it will seem quite complicated but in time will become simpler and easier to understand, so don’t get overwhelmed.

Also, give yourself time, remember, this is a life-long decision, so it is okay to take a little extra time now to find your perfect ring.