Tips on Picking the Perfect Perfume for Every Occasion
July 21, 2022

Tips on Picking the Perfect Perfume for Every Occasion

Tips on Picking the Perfect Perfume for Every Occasion

Perfumes bring a certain elegance and create a pleasing aura around you. This is why you must pick the right scent for the right moment. Because no matter how much you like the fragrance of a perfume, it might not be the right one for the event you are attending.

But before you understand what type of perfume you need to wear, you need to have a good idea about the different perfume types available at your local supermarket.

This article will help you in both regards. First, we will help you better understand the different types of perfume; then, we will discuss what perfume you should wear for your occasion.

Types of Perfumes

Any fragrance store will have a variety of scents, but they can all be divided into five categories. As follows:


This type of perfume lasts the most (about 6-8 hours) since they have the highest concentration of fragrance, generally 20-30%. However, since the concentration is high, it is not ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Eau De Parfum

This has a slightly less concentration, about 15-20%, so they last around 5 hours. Because of their lighter concentration, they are suitable for sensitive skins.

Eau de Toilette

Their concentration is even lighter, about 5-15%. So they last for a very short period too, about 2 to 3 hours.

Eau de Cologne

This perfume has a fragrance concentration of only 2-4%. So, they just barely last about 2 hours.

Eau Fraiche

This is the lightest perfume available, where fragrance concentration is only 1-3%. They can last up to an hour but because of this low effectiveness, people hardly buy this. But it still has its use.

How to Pick the Right Fragrance

What perfume you should wear depends on various things, including the occasion and your personal style. But don't worry. This article can assist you with that.

1. Perfume for Men

Even though men and women have the same sweat glands, men sweat more as they have more muscle mass which heats their body faster. So, men also have a stronger sweat odor.

To prevent the musky smell, men need to wear stronger perfume. Regular Perfume or Eau de Parfum is the best suit for them. To pick the best fragrances for men, you can also visit

2. Perfume for Women

Women are the opposite of men, meaning they do not sweat as often and do not have much body odor. This makes their perfume choosing options much more wide and versatile.

Depending on the occasion and how long they need to stay at a place, they can pick their perfume. If they are staying somewhere for a long time, Eau de Parfum is the right choice.

However, women tend to have slightly more sensitive skin than men, so pure Parfum might cause irritation in some women. But if you want to smell like your favorite celebrities, you can always use fragrances like the Coco Mademoiselle, Premiére, or even West Side.

3. Perfume While at Work

While at work, you need to make sure that you smell good, but you also do not want to attract the attention of everyone that crosses you. Intense smells will also make you appear as someone arrogant to other employees.

You need to smell as an embodiment of team spirit. Any aromatic perfume will do the trick. Eau de Parfum, which has a citrus fragrance, is the best choice.

4. Coming Out of Work

After a long tiring day at work, it is not uncommon that some people hit the bar or a local café with their employees to chat about their life and work. Here, you do not need to have a formal aromatic fragrance. So switching up can be a good choice.

This is your free time. So you can basically switch to anything you want. But since this is an informal socializing activity, be sure not to go overboard with the fragrance. Any fragrance that is woody, deep, sweet, and earthy do the trick.

5. Fragrances for Weddings

You need to polish your shoes and brush your suit for any wedding event. You need to smell smart alongside looking smart. So this would be an excellent time to bring out any unique perfume that would make you stand out in a crowd.

Picking an Eau de Parfum with a stronger fragrance is the right pick for you. If possible, you can also go for pure Parfum. Since almost everyone will be wearing perfume, you need to make sure yours stands out.

If you want to bring a gift for the newly wedded couple, giving them a set of perfume can be a nice gesture. The dossier collection can be an excellent choice.

6. Out On a Date

You are thinking of going to a special candle-lit dinner with your special someone. You need to impress them and give them the best impression of you. We are sure your personality can attract anyone but smelling nice can boost your possibilities.

Since dates do not last very long, any sweet smelling Eau de Toilette should  do the trick.

7. For Casual Days

You've attended all the major occasions and activities, so now you just want to take it easy on your day off. It's acceptable if you decide not to wear perfume when going out to the neighborhood bar or taking a stroll around the park.

However, if you want to smell nice, use a mild fragrance. Eau Fraiche is the perfect option for situations where you don't want to make a statement but still want to smell good.

Final Thoughts

Smell is one of the five major senses of a human being; you can create a huge impact by how you smell. It describes your personality and level of approachability.

Choosing the wrong scent could send the wrong message to others around you and leave a bad impression. So always be careful to choose the appropriate fragrance for the occasion.