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Tips On Changing The Image For Men

Studies show that well-groomed men not only attract women more but also achieve better results in business than those who care about their appearance less. After all, even you have probably noticed that you are more pleasant to deal with stylish and tidy people every day than with those who don’t care about how his/her hair and clothes look.

Therefore, in the 21st century, both women and men should carefully consider how they appear to make a good impression on others.

Modern gentlemen pay much attention to their hairstyle and this is the right approach. It’s a great way to show your personality, stand out from the crowd without spending a lot of money on expensive clothes and accessories.

However, always having a stylish haircut isn’t an easy task. You must choose a good master and also understand what you want. Here are some tips for anyone looking for a perfect hairstyling. 

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Choose a haircut according to the shape of your face

Many fashion trends look beautiful in the picture, but they spoil your appearance when you try them. This is because we all have a unique face shape and what suits one man is contraindicated to another.

Fortunately, specialists have already identified 7 main types of male faces: circle, oval, square, rectangle, heart-shaped, triangle and rhombus. It’s easy to define your shape.

Go to the mirror, pull your hair back and see what figure your face is more like. You can also ask your regular hairdresser for help. An experienced master will not only determine the shape of your face but also advise you on the perfect haircut based on this.

Consider the structure of your hair

A hairstyle can vary with different hair types. Sometimes, the wrong hairstyle can only emphasize the flaws of a certain hair structure. Hairdressers distinguish 4 common types: hard and straight, soft and straight, curly and minor waves. It’s not difficult to determine your type of hair by touching them and looking in the mirror.

There are also problematic cases when a man has a small amount of hair on his head. It’s important to never pull your hair back. For thin and straight hair, stylists recommend simple options like a classic haircut.

Watch your hair condition

The secret of any hairstyle is daily hair care. Firstly, it makes any type of hair more obedient, which facilitates the styling process. Secondly, it makes the hairstyle look tidier and other people always notice.

Fortunately, for most guys, it’s enough to choose shampoo and products for safe styling. If you do a hairstyle every day, then you should wash your hair and use these products every time.

As for shampoos, it’s recommended to choose those that have moisturizing active ingredients. Alternatively, you can choose something for hair volume. For home styling, many men use gels and thermal protectors.

There are also conditions where an individual approach is necessary. For example, if you have a sensitive scalp, you should select specific products that don’t cause irritation. In the case of both women and men, dyed hair requires special care. Ask your stylist for personalized advice.

Tips On Changing The Image For Men

How to choose the right hair color

There are two color types: warm and cold. Focus on skin tone and eye color to determine which term suits you and choose the option for coloring.

If you have light skin with cold blue or light green eyes, then a cold blonde with notes of blue, silver or even champagne is a perfect option. If you want a darker hair color, then shades of caramel, honey and cinnamon are good for you. You can also consider the light red tones. If you have dark eyes, the chocolate brunette is awesome for you.

The owners of tanned skin tone should think about golden blond or light shades of brown. If you want to try brunette, choose gentle, warm shades. Also, do not be afraid to experiment with red color because it suits you especially if you have dark or green eyes. Be careful with black as it often makes people look older.

If you want to change the color of your hair, then spend some time choosing a good colorist. The right master is 80% of success. So, you can pick up some info from a professional, learn about safe methods of coloring and get the desired result. Pay attention to the colorist experience since only a long working life ensures that a specialist can choose the right dosage of components.

Try your desired image before it comes to life

We all worry before going to the stylist when we want to completely change our image. There are special programs for hairstyle editing that will help you try all the options that interest you without harming your hair. They don’t require additional knowledge as they are designed for ordinary users.

Retouchme app has many image functions, including hairstyle photo editor. Interface and settings are user-friendly. You can download the application and learn more about changing hairstyles in the photo at . With this app, you will get rid of doubts about selecting a new image and become more confident in shifting styles.