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Tips in Taking Care of Your Oily Skin

Oily skin occurs when the skin’s sebaceous glands produce too much sebum. This is the oily, waxy substance that does not only hydrate the skin but also protects it. This substance is also essential for keeping one’s skin healthy. Then again, too much of this substance can clog the pores, leaving your skin oil and acne-prone. To manage your skin, you need to develop a regular skincare regimen.

It is easy to observe skin care for oily skin. Instead of prescription-strength medication drugs, you need to find the perfect skincare products that will surely help you maintain the production of sebum to a healthy level. Before discussing how you can improve your skincare routines, check out the symptoms of oily skin.

  • Greasy or shiny appearance
  • Very obvious, large skin pores
  • Rough or tough-looking skin
  • Persistent or occasional pimples
  • Blackheads and clogged pores

Finding the right makeup may be a struggle for people with excessively oily skin. Makeup can be mixed with sebum and give a whole new level of an odd consistency. The severity of these symptoms will significantly vary among people, with genetics also playing a role in how one’s skin becomes oily. High levels of stress and changes in one’s hormones can also increase the body’s production of sebum.

How to treat oily skin

Here are the ways to help you deal with oily skin. What is crucial here is that you use the right skin care product for your skin type.

Wash your face or skin regularly.

If you wash your skin with warm water, use a gentle soap or cleanser to help lessen oil on your skin. If you do this regularly, the results will be better. Avoid skin cleansers with harsh chemicals, added moisturizers, and fragrances. These can only dry your skin out or irritate it, making it produce more sebum. Also, stay away from rough washcloths and loofahs. The friction from these tools can stimulate your skin to produce more oil.

You can also use medicated acne skincare products that contain benzoyl peroxide, beta-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid. These acids can irritate certain skin types, but they can regulate the volume of oil produced. This is why before you use any products containing these, see how your skin reacts.

Use a skin scrubber to remove excess oil.

Another skin care for oily skin that you can try is using a skin scrubber to remove excess oil from your skin. This tool can help you get rid of blackheads while also exfoliating your skin. It helps your skin shed off debris and skin cells. Aside from that, this tool uses 30,000 Hz per second of ultrasonic waves that will help remove and loosen cellular debris, dirt, and oil from your skin pores.

Make your skin glowing with a microdermabrasion machine.

This machine can mimic what diamond peeling can do to your skin. It will make your skin look younger by removing keratin and dead skin cells. With the use of a vacuum stimulation mechanism, your skin tone will be enhanced, and your skin elasticity restored. It is also a professional skin treatment for dull skin and stain. Aside from all these benefits, it can even suction out all the excessive oil and skin dirt, restoring your skin cell activity while replenishing its lost nutrients.

With the right skincare regimen and tools, keeping your skin oil, dirt, and debris-free is easy. And by being consistent about all these regimens, you can nourish your skin and keep it ever glowing and healthy.

Author: Chirs J.

Tips in Taking Care of Your Oily Skin