Tips For Travelling On A Budget This Summer
June 27, 2019

Tips For Travelling On A Budget This Summer

Everyone wants to travel the world but for many people, it can be hard to find the cash to get you there and back.

Plane tickets are very expensive, and you’ll need to have enough money to spend while you’re there to make sure that you can get out and start exploring your destination.

The good news is that it is possible to travel on a budget and still have a great time whether you are travelling alone or with your friends.

Here, we are going to give you some of our top tips for travelling on a budget this summer. Make sure to keep reading to hear about what these might be and make your dream holiday happen. 

Setting Your Budget

Before you get started with booking your flights and where you’ll stay, you need to actually figure out how much you have to play with here.

This is why you need to spend some time setting your travel budget and dividing it up to make sure that you can afford everything that you’d like to do when you are there. You can easily find some guidance on how to create a travel budget online so make sure to have a look at this.

We advise that you start off with the big things like flights, accommodation and transfers and then include things like food, activities and any other things that you think you will need to spend money on when you are there. Don’t forget travel insurance, visas and other important travel documents that will cost you some money out of your budget.

Booking Flights

The next step for travelling on a budget is to book your flights and make sure that the price is within the budget that you have set.

There are many different airlines that fly out of the UK around the world and so you need to make sure that you are comparing prices and value for money.

For example, it might be worth booking a flight that is £20 more expensive if it means that you arrive at your destination earlier in the day, therefore, you will get more time to spend there.

When you are booking your flights, you should also make sure to do it far enough in advance to make sure that you get a good price.

For long-haul flights, we suggest doing this a few months ahead but for domestic flights you can wait until it is closer to your trip. Try to do research and don’t leave your flights to the last minute. While doing research, don't forget to see if there are some kind of discount code or special offer available.

While it is possible to get some last-minute deals, you might not get so lucky and end up blowing most of your budget on the flights alone.

Getting To The Airport

There are many different ways to get to and from the airports in the UK but one of the best ways to do this and to save some of your budget is to book your car into a space in the airport car park.

Birmingham Airport is just one of the airports in the UK that allows you to book your space online before you go and receive a discount. Birmingham Airport parking will allow you to keep your car safe while you are travelling, and you won’t have to pay for public transport. You can book car park 1 at so make sure to have a look at this.

If you don’t have a car then you should try your best to get someone you know to drop you off at the airport. If not Lynx Taxis offer Manchester Airport Taxis making it easy to get to the airport. Don’t spend all your cash in these first few stages of your trip – get a lift or try car park 1 Birmingham Airport or the UK airport that you are flying from.

Avoiding Hotels

Our next tip for those who want to travel on a budget this summer is to try to avoid booking hotels when you go. Hotels can be very handy for those who don’t know an area very well, but they can be very overpriced and can use up a large chunk of your budget right away.

This is why we suggest that you look at hostels while you are away or consider using a site like Airbnb. These sites are perfect for travellers who don’t need the luxury of a hotel and simply want somewhere cheap and easy to stay.

Make sure that you are not booking somewhere that is very far away from the action as this is only going to cost you more money when you need to head into the town. Consider the price of your accommodation carefully and this will help you to make the right decision.

Cooking Your Own Meals

While it is quite exciting to try out new cuisines when you are travelling, you can save a lot of cash if you find somewhere that you can cook your own food. If you are renting out an apartment or villa while you are there, you will usually get your own kitchen to cook in.

Try to cook meals like breakfast or buy food that you can make up some packed lunches in. This way, you’ll save yourself a lot of money and you can still have some cash to treat yourself while you are there.

We highly suggest that you try some of the local food when you are travelling as it is a wasted opportunity otherwise. To do this, simply plan a few meals that you can eat out and cook yourself the rest to save some cash and travel on a budget.

Grab A Map

Our final tip for those who want to travel on a budget this summer is to grab a map and get exploring. It can be very expensive to be getting taxis everywhere you are travelling, and this can cut a lot into your budget.

You should be able to find a map either online or at a local store. Once you have your map, you can start exploring and walking around the local area. This is a great way to save money and you will have more money to spend on other exciting things once you get to your destination.

Don’t fall into the trap of spending all of your cash on taxis and buses when travelling, try walking if you can and don’t forget to invest in a map.


It is entirely possible to explore the world without having to break the bank. Many people believe that they need to wait until they have saved up enough to have a luxury holiday but if you are willing to skip out on a few of the luxurious things then you can easily travel the world and stick to your tight budget.

If you want to achieve this, we suggest that you follow the advice that we have given you in this article.

Make sure to try cooking your own meals, drive yourself to the airport after booking your discounted space online and explore a little more with the help of a map and your own two feet. Soon, you’ll be travelling the world and you won’t look back!

Tips For Travelling On A Budget This Summer