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Tips For The First Tattoo

If you are planning to get your first tattoo we think that this article about tips for getting a tattoo might help you. Applying a tattoo is one of the important tasks of a tattoo parlor. It is necessary to properly prepare the skin so that during the tattoo a person doesn’t feel severe pain, and after that he doesn’t encounter unpleasant moments.

You have finally decided to get your long-awaited first tattoo in one of the famous tattoo salons in New York like - love machine tattoo studio! But surely a lot of questions about first tattoo tips arise: how to get it without regretting it in the future? How to choose the best tattoo salon? Where should it be applied so that it doesn’t hurt? Everything happens for the first time in our lives. So be very picky in choosing shops, from tattoo artist experiences to best tattoo needle cartridges.

How to choose a place for good first tattoo

Tips For The First Tattoo

Firstly, you can’t fill a tattoo anywhere, especially in the place where the fingers and palms are bent, since the pigment does not take root there, the tattoo begins to fade over time. The most unpleasant thing is that the pigment comes out in parts. A tattoo is for the rest of your life and if you suddenly want to remove it, you will have to do it with a laser in several steps. This process is very painful and expensive. However, if you properly research the cost of tattoo removal in Melbourne, you can find a professional that suits all your needs and won't overcharge you. Therefore, if you still want to get a tattoo in these places, you need to think carefully.

Here are some tips for getting a tattoo

“Beginners” are advised to choose the shoulder, lower back, outer elbow or lower leg, as these are not very painful places for tattooing. When choosing the right place for first tattoo, you need to understand that the skin tends to lose its former elasticity over time and may even sag. Together with sagging skin, the tattoo itself will also shift, so you need to take into account all these nuances of choosing a suitable place for tattooing.

    It will be more unpleasant on the outer part of the thigh and shoulder blades;

    As for the ribs, knees, neck and spine, it will hurt enough;

    Duration of the session.

Each tattooist has his own rhythm of work. Speed ​​does not mean professionalism. If one master makes a tattoo on his arm in a certain style quickly, the other will do it slowly but very well, although in the end the results will be the same.

Factors affecting the duration of the first tattoo:

    As a rule, the larger the drawing, the longer the duration of the session will be. For example, if the portrait is in the style of realism, tthe size of the forearm, the tattooing process can last up to 3 sessions, up to 5-6 hours. Geometric small tattoo will take up to 3 hours;

    Color drawings, with shadows, half-shadows and transitions, take more time than black tattoos;

    The smaller are the details, the longer you will have to wait for the first tattoo;

    If you're in a lot of pain, you can't do without breaks. Everything is individual, as some do not feel much pain, and some people may have a temperature above 38 during the session.

When is the best time to get a tattoo?

Masters do not advise getting a tattoo in the summer, since a tattoo is like an open wound that should not get dust, sweat and infections. Also, the pattern is beautiful only in the first 2-3 days, then it becomes covered with a crust, and it does not look very beautiful for the next couple of weeks. In addition, the sun's rays have a detrimental effect on the tattoo. Autumn is the best time for the first tattoo. In winter, you can also get it, but due to the friction of clothing, the healing process will take longer. Basically, in the summer people get tattoos most often. If suddenly you decide to get a first tattoo in the summer, do it on cool days.

What is not recommended to do a couple of days before the session?

    drinking alcohol;


    do not shave the place where you are going to apply the tattoo, so as not to injure the skin;

    do not take medications that thin the blood;

    do not drink coffee, as caffeine excites the nervous system;

    in case of illness, postpone the session.

Tips for getting a tattoo and to minimize its pain:

    It is good to eat an hour before the procedure;

    Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after the good first tattoos to replenish the necessary water balance in the body;

    Pick up comfortable clothes so as not to hamper your movements;

    Be sure to get enough sleep before the first tattoo session;

    During the session, you can ask the tattoo artist about the use of ointments or creams for local freezing;

    Listen carefully and take note of all the recommendations of the tattoo master;

    Eat nuts, candy or other snacks to replenish energy during the tattoo;

    Take a shower before your session;

    Take headphones and a player with you if you want to be alone with yourself during the tattoo session.

Do not forget that a tattoo is for life! We think that our recommendations will help you keep your first good tattoos for years to come.

Tips For The First Tattoo