Tips For Choosing Men's Wedding Band
September 14, 2022

Tips For Choosing Men's Wedding Band

Buying the groom's wedding band is a significant but frequently skipped stage during most wedding preparations. For some grooms, when it's time to select a wedding band, they might feel that there are too many alternatives and do not know where and how to start choosing.

If this is your case, choosing a wedding band will no longer be an issue because this article will provide tips on how you can pick your wedding band. Your wedding band should reflect who you are as an individual since you will have it forever.

Here are a few tips to help you make a good wedding band selection for your wedding:

Pick A Design

Choosing a design is one of the vital aspects of buying a wedding band for your wedding. To put things in perspective, here are various designs of wedding bands you can choose from:


Among the most traditional and accepted men's wedding band designs that have persevered over the years is the curved band. The rounded edges make it easier and more comfortable to put on and take off the band from the finger.


Classic wedding bands - the most popular style, are wedding bands curved both on the inside and outside. These curves give an iconic appearance and improved convenience when wearing the band.


D-shaped wedding bands fit the finger more snugly because of their flat interior and curved outside.


In this design, a coin-like shaped pattern surrounds the whole surface of the wedding band in coin edge shapes.


A plain wedding band has a flat surface and a curved or plain inside.

Click on to see various wedding band designs for men.

Go For Your Size

What wedding band size do you prefer? To find the wedding band that will fit you snugly, test varieties of men's wedding bands in various sizes till you see one that suits you. 

Note: Men's wedding bands are usually 6 mm wide.

Consider The Band's Metal Components

Here are some types of metals used in making men's wedding bands:


Men's wedding bands made with platinum are more suitable for men who regularly work with their hands, handle chemicals, or engage in other tasks that may scratch the band's exterior.


Titanium is a strong metal with a small weight necessary to survive prolonged use. This metal is a comparatively cost-effective option for men's wedding bands and rarely loses color over time.

White Gold

Men's wedding bands with white gold color are made with rhodium, a component of the platinum gr. The rhodium is used to coat gold to create white gold wedding bands, giving them a platinum-like bright white color but at a lesser cost.

Titanium Alloys (Tantalum)

Tantalum is prized for its distinctive, indestructible black brilliance. It is also nearly shatter-resistant and has a strong tolerance to surface scratches.

Golden Yellow

Yellow gold has a soft and inviting glow. Yellow gold men's wedding bands, in contrast to white gold, are inherently yellow and do not fade over time.


Men's wedding bands, made with meteorite, have distinctive patterns that ensure no two meteorite bands will be alike. However, long-term contact with moisture can cause this iron-based metal to corrode.

Rosy Gold

Wedding bands made in rose gold are a lovely, uncommon option that has a distinctive vintage look. Rose gold, in contrast to white gold, has a unique tint that is achievable through blending with other metals such as copper.


Tungsten is an alternative metal option that is becoming more and more appealing because of its modern appearance, sturdiness, and power. Tungsten is a perfect material for men who may be rough on their hands because it is incredibly resilient and completely watertight.

Discover What Fits You

Men's wedding bands can have flat or curvy sides, which changes how the band sits on your finger.

For Curvy Fit:

With its softly curved edges, curved men's wedding bands offer convenience and a better fit, allowing you to put the band on and off your finger. This fit is appropriate for people with bigger fingers or knuckles that enlarge frequently while working with their hands.

For Normal Fit:

Men's wedding bands with a normal fit have a flat interior, enabling a tighter fit but less adherence to the wearer.

To determine which fit is the best for you, we suggest you try out numerous bands to see which fits snugly on your finger.

Take Maintenance Into Account

To maintain a wedding band with engravings and keep it clean, you soak it in warm water. Then, slowly and carefully floss it with a soft brush, rinse, and then, dry it thoroughly with a fabric.

Seems excessively demanding? Then you may want to choose a men's wedding band that you can easily polish when necessary using a soft cloth.

Final Words

The tips mentioned in this article can serve as a guide when you want to buy a wedding band for yourself. Remember to choose a design that represents your personality and likes rather than the regular basic bands.