Thrift and Style: How You Can Affordably Embrace the Latest Fashion Trends
September 16, 2019

Thrift and Style: How You Can Affordably Embrace the Latest Fashion Trends

Indians love fashion. 50% of Indians spend around ₹500 to ₹2,500 per month on clothes alone, according to DealSunny. If that isn’t feasible for you, it’s smart to buy clothes on a budget. So how can you embrace the latest fashion trends affordably? 

Use Coupons

95% of Indians are confident that they can obtain savings through coupon use, according to Ashok Lalwani’s study. Coupons are generally accepted by most affordable online clothing stores like Myntra and Voonik. You can find coupons through apps like GrabOn and CouponDunia. You can also try local Indian sites like Pennyful and Mydala, while deals from international clothing brands can be found using GearBest discounts. Through coupon usage, you can get upwards of 50% off retail prices, so you can snag the latest fashion pieces without the exorbitant pricing.

Time Your Purchases

Depending on when you buy your clothes, you can be paying less than normal prices. In India, Diwali is generally considered to be a good time to spend your money since stores offer deals and discounts to entice consumers, says Nhitin Bhatia. Other good times would be between July and September where demand for clothing is low.

This means that stores will be shedding inventory and offering big discounts. It’s a good time to browse stores and see which trendy pieces are on sale like white sneakers or denim pants. Levi’s tends to have 40% off sales during the festival season so it’s a good opportunity to grab current styles for less.

Buy Multi-Purpose Pieces

If you want to have fashionable pieces of clothes in your wardrobe, you’re going to have to get comfy with the idea of multi-purpose pieces of clothing. Buying clothes that never go out of style is a great way to stay ahead of the trends. Good pieces include a basic white t-shirt, polo shirt, oxford shoes, and even dress pants. These pieces are versatile enough to pair with other styles so you’ll always have a piece or two that’s always in style. If you’re looking for office clothes, you can never go wrong with a good blazer, a grey suit, and a red tie.

Your wardrobe doesn’t need to have expensive pieces to be trendy. Before you shop, take some time to see which fashion trends fit your preferences and lifestyle so you can be sure it’s a good match. With some careful planning and smart shopping, you can fully obtain a trendy set of clothes without causing harm to your finances.