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Things to Consider When You're Choosing a Birthday Party Venue

Things to Consider When You're Choosing a Birthday Party Venue

Kiwis love to party! If you live in New Zealand, you are used to celebrations and many Maori traditions. Those who live in this quaint island paradise in Oceania know how to have a great time. Birthdays are celebrated events because the traditional Maori culture says that birthdays are a time of danger and bad spirits.

To ward off these harmful elements, Kiwis always make sure that the celebrant is surrounded by friends and well-wishers to ward off the bad stuff. If you are thinking of celebrating your natal day, there are many birthday party venues in New Zealand. Choosing the site is critical because it has a significant impact on your party. Here are the articles to consider when you are choosing your birthday party venue.

Compare the Location in Relation to the Attendees

You want a venue with a lovely ambience that's near your attendees. This is the most considerate thing to do. However, if you have your heart set out on an out of town trip, pick a venue that is close to the airport or near your guests' hotel.

You may also have to worry about traffic and transportation. If it is an unfamiliar venue, make sure that you provide all your guests a map to the site so that they won't get lost.

Consider the Parking Space

Parking is a critical consideration because people may be turned off from attending if they have no area where they can park their vehicles. The ideal venue is a place with lots of parking spaces to accommodate all your guests. For instance, if there is limited parking in your Northbridge venue, ask if there is a valet parking service, so your guests will not have to worry.

You can also encourage your attendees to carpool or take an Uber together. After all, the essence of a party is to have a good time with friends, so this is the perfect way to get them started.

Ask for Minimum Heads and Total Capacity

For all the birthday party venues in New Zealand that you check out, you have to ask the management what their minimum headcount is and what their maximum capacity is, too. The minimum is for the protection of the venue because a lesser number of heads mean that they will not make any profit from your event.

In contrast, the maximum headcount is the total number of people that can fit comfortably into your chosen location. You have to abide by this because every venue has its own fire and safety codes that they are required by law to follow.

To ensure that you get the right count, do not forget to include an RSVP or Regrets Only tag in your invitation with a specific cut of time so you can finalize your plans and contract.

Find Out the Services and Amenities Offered

Check your chosen party venue for details. Does your chosen place in Botany have a kitchen that can do your event catering? Ask around if they will also provide tables, chairs, bulk lace table runners and chair covers, dinnerware, utensils, and table napkins.

Find out if they have a setup and cleanup crew that can follow your event layout, helping you with the ingress and egress. All these details matter because if you have to rent or hire your own stuff, then it means you will spend more.

Final Word

Finding the right venue for your birthday party in New Zealand will take some time. You must plan this well and pick your chosen place months before your big day. When you make your reservation, secure your slot and make final appointments with all your other suppliers. Remember, all the rest of your party preparations hinge on the date and time of your chosen venue. Book ahead to ensure your favourite location is free to accommodate you.


Author - Chris J.