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The Ultimate Guide to Hipster Accessories

This word is often used to describe a person who is typically seen wearing vintage clothing, skinny jeans, and thick-rimmed glasses.

The word "hipster" has been around for quite some time now. However, it was in the early 1900s that this word was first used to describe a new subculture of people who were not just trying to be different but also trying to live independently and outside the mainstream.

How to Shop for Hipster Clothing & Accessories

To buy hipster clothing and accessories, you should identify your style subculture. You should also know what the fashion trends are right now so that you can get the latest styles.

When shopping for cool clothing and accessories, you should think of what style will suit your personality best. For example, if you are an individual who loves to be different and stand out, then consider buying something that is unique in its own way.

The most important thing to remember when purchasing your vintage or retro items is that they need to be in good condition. If they are not in good condition, then it will not be worth the money that you spend on them.


Wearing those standard hipster glasses can be tricky because they are similar to the retro frames made popular in the 80s. The trick is to make sure there is glass in the frames and that they retain their original shape and sphericity! When you're wearing glasses, make sure you've got lenses or a clear frame that doesn't give away that it's a vision-correcting pair. If you're looking for a good pair of eyeglasses, choose one that's recommended by your optometrist. They are experts in their field and will make sure to fit you well and offer the right prescription. Just get plain glass or plastic and you'll be right. The most popular glasses are the “coke bottle” style with black rims.

A vape

The best accessory to carry with you for the perfect hipster look is a vape. You might not want to smoke tobacco or ingest nicotine, but vapes are also quite a statement for weed smokers. If you want to check out a variety of pens, you should look at trusted sources such as weedsmart in order to get the right bang for your buck. You can even smoke CBD in a vape if you want to just get the benefits of cannabis.

Button-down shirts

One of the most iconic aspects of hipster style is their button-down shirts which are worn under clothes. They're an accessory that is just as important if not more so to the look. If you've got your shirt buttoned all the way, you're off to a good start with your style and look.

The scarf

Yes, the hipster scarf is still in somewhat. The trend of pockets and colours for plaid just keeps going up, but it's fall now so you'll want to swap them out for a tie. As the weather gets warmer again, you can be wearing your scarf as often as you like!

Choose the type of sub-style you want to go for and then go all in! Use these tips to help you along your way.