The Significance of Wearing a Red String Bracelet in many Religions
March 15, 2020

The Significance of Wearing a Red String Bracelet in many Religions

If you’ve been keen enough you’ll have noticed that in the past few years many people are sporting the red string bracelet on their wrists. Generally, the item is worn by practitioners of four different religious faiths: Kabbalah (a mystical form of Judaism), Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Although it can be worn on either wrist, people who belong to Christianity and Judaism typically wear it on the left wrist. In case you’re wondering how to use your red string bracelet, it has always been red since ancient times and largely serves as a symbol of protection against the evil eye across different faiths and cultures. But different religions and cultures still attach different meanings to the bracelet.


In the Hindu religion, a red string (sometimes white or yellow) is worn on the left wrist by married women and on the right wrist by men and unmarried women. The string bracelet is believed to be sacred and used in many Hindu religious traditions and celebrations.

It is regarded both as a symbol of protection and good luck as well as a way for people to feel connected. It signifies unity in the Hindu faith and the community. It is also called the Kavala in Hinduism and the colour red serves as a symbol of purity, and the color of generosity and divine. It is also given in the temples during ceremonies and Punjab’s.


Kabbalah is the mystical version of Judaism or the Jewish interpretation of the Bible. It has its origins in Rachel’s tomb after she died during childbirth with her second son, Benjamin. A ritual of tying a red string seven times around Rachel’s tomb to infuse it with the power of protection and luck emerged after the birth of her second son.

After untying it from Rachel’s tomb, it was cut into bracelet-sized lengths and tied to the wearer’s left wrist while reciting a protection prayer. The wearer believes that the bracelet will ward off evil.


A red thread wrapped around the wrist of two Biblical figures, Zarah and Pharez, appears in the Book of Genesis 38. According to the story in which this appears, the string symbolizes redemption.

The story also mentions the red or scarlet string to ward off misfortunes. Christians who hold this belief also generally wear it on the left wrist. Red serves as a symbol of blood, fire, and Pentecost. Red also became the colour of the martyred saints. 


In the Buddhist faith, the colour red serves as a symbol of compassion, life force, and controls the tongue. Buddhists wear the red string bracelet as a reminder to the wearer to demonstrate compassion to others and mind the tongue. There’s a belief among the Buddhist that the tongue can cut deeper than the sword.

Regardless of which wrist you wear or how you view the symbolism of wearing the red string bracelet, it can serve as a great addition to your faith. It can also serve to remind you of the importance of who you really are and what you truly stand for.


In Spiritism, various types of bracelets with various religious symbols are used, such as the red string bracelet and the evil eye. They serve to bring spiritual help, comfort and protection to the wearer.
In spiritism, when the spiritual protection bracelets break, it means that you have received too much negative energy in your body and soul. This big amount of negative energy charge is all absorbed by the bracelet. In this way, whoever wears the bracelet is spiritually protected.
In spiritism, the red string bracelet is seen as a symbol of protection and good luck. To be able to enjoy this protection and good luck, all you need to do is wear the red string bracelet on your right arm.