The Purpose and Benefits of Sobriety Chips on the Road to Recovery
June 02, 2020

The Purpose and Benefits of Sobriety Chips on the Road to Recovery

The road to recovery is often bumpy for those trying to achieve sobriety. Studies have shown that anywhere from 40 to 60% of the people who attempt to get sober end up relapsing at some point in time.

Many addicts try to steer clear of relapsing by attending support groups. They also do it by trying to find a bigger purpose for their lives. And they even put what are called sobriety chips—also known as sobriety tokens or AA tokens—to good use in an effort to stay sober.

These aluminum recovery tokens come in a wide range of colors, including silver, red, gold, and more. They're designed to mark the milestones that people hit during their first year of recovery and beyond.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using sobriety chips on the road to recovery.

The Purpose and Benefits of Sobriety Chips on the Road to Recovery

They Demonstrate All the Progress a Person Is Making

When a person is trying to get sober and stay sober, one of the biggest mistakes they can make is trying to look too far into the future. It's important for them to take things one day at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed by the process.

But at the same time, it's also important for them to look back at all that they've achieved thus far when they're on the road to recovery. Sobriety chips give people the chance to do this.

AA coins are given out to people at regular intervals. They're designed to help them celebrate being one day sober, one month sober, six months sober, one year sober, and more. By doing this, they help to show people how much progress they've made.

They Serve as a Constant Reminder for Someone to Stay Sober

There is a reason why sobriety chips are small chips and not, say, large plaques. Those who receive them are encouraged to carry them around in their wallets or purses so that they always have them nearby.

This gives people a chance to pull their AA chips out whenever they're feeling tempted to use alcohol or drugs. They're a constant reminder of why it's so vital for them to avoid going back to using again.

They Give People a Real Sense of Hope for the Future

Over time, people will be able to collect more and more sobriety chips as long as they continue to stay sober. This will make them feel good about what they've been able to accomplish. But maybe more importantly, it'll also make them hopeful for the future.

It's hard not to feel hopeful when you have a stack of recovery chips at home. They'll make you feel so many better about the future than you might otherwise.

Invest in Sobriety Chips for Yourself or for a Loved One

If you're on the road to recovery, you might want to pick up some sobriety chips for yourself. You might also want to pick them up if you know someone who is on the road to recovery right now.

These recovery chips are often invaluable to those who are trying to get and stay sober. They're very effective tools that can be used to keep people on the straight and narrow for the foreseeable future.

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