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The Gun Debate: 9 Compelling Reasons to Own a Gun (and 7 Not To)

In the United States, gun ownership is a controversial issues. Whether you’re pro-guns or not, here compelling reasons to own a gun, as well as reasons not to.

The Gun Debate: 9 Compelling Reasons to Own a Gun (and 7 Not To)

In the face of numerous mass-shootings, the American public is extremely divided on the issue of gun laws and legislation. On the one hand, some people think that guns should be banned, preventing unstable people from wielding them and harming people.

On the other, some people assert that possessing a gun is one of the only ways to defend yourself against someone who also has one. Additionally, the second amendment of the Constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms.

The issue isn't clear cut. It would be difficult to make a blanket statement about what should be done in this situation, but it's certainly possible to give pros and cons. 

We're going to list a few reasons to own a gun as well as some reasons not to.

Reasons to Own a Gun

This list won't be exhaustive by any means, and it should be noted that not all guns are the same. "A gun" could mean a small pistol or an assault rifle. We'll get into some specifics about particular guns but will stick to general principles for the most part. 

1. Self Protection

This is the most evident reason to own a gun. It's hard to understate the value of a weapon when you are being attacked or assaulted by another individual. 

Even if you don't shoot, someone knowing that you have a weapon on you might make the difference between you being attacked or escaping to safety. It's likely that someone who wants to attack you will have a gun or a weapon of some sort, so it seems reasonable to carry one in the event that you are attacked.

If you have a conceal and carry, you'll have added confidence to go about your business in dangerous areas, at night, or even during your normal daily activities. The reality is that you never know when a dangerous situation could arise. If you are not a big gun fan, but you still feel the need to protect yourself, you might consider some of the Natchez knives that are made for your protection.

When it comes to owning a firearm, especially if it's a larger gun like the one with a 14.5 upper receiver, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. The upper receiver is a critical component of a firearm and understanding its parts and functionalities is crucial for responsible gun ownership.  

2. You Have the Right

As we've stated, the second amendment of the Consitution gives citizens the right to bear arms. Additionally, the amendment states that the law "shall not be infringed."

With that in mind, you have no reason not to buy a gun unless you feel like the presence of one would be dangerous to you or the people in your home. You don't necessarily need a specific reason to own a gun, but the fact that you can is a luxury. 

In other words, enjoy your freedom to have a firearm because you can.

3. Guns are Enjoyable to Shoot

Aside from any practical reasons, guns can be a really fun thing to shoot. Most things that people enjoy doing for recreation serve no real practical purpose. Watching streaming services, learning an instrument, and playing a sport are all hobbies that don't need to be justified. 

Taking your gun to a range and shooting it can be a way to release stress and practice something. It's healthy to have activities we enjoy that make us think and relieve stress.

4. Hunting

Going hunting is probably the best reason to own a gun for non-self defense reasons. Hunting is something that people can bond over, and it requires a lot of thought and skill. You can even purchase a hunting pellet gun which is more friendly for novice shooters.

There's a lot to be learned and understood before a person goes hunting, and owning a gun can be the incentive you need to start brainstorming hunting ideas and strategies. Additionally, you might come home with enough food to feed yourself for a long time.

5. Resistance to Oppression

It may seem a little extreme to say, but early gun rights were created with the idea of freedom all oppression in mind. That means freedom from any entity that wants to oppress you and infringe on your rights. 

More specifically, the government. While the government isn't currently posing a direct threat to the rights and freedoms of citizens in ways that would require a militia to defend itself, it's a possibility. 

James Madison said that the right to bear arms would serve as a way to "repel the danger" of a federal army that was overstepping its bounds. He asserted that armies would be held in check by militias of the people.

We're not trying to go all Alex Jones here, but the reality is that the second amendment was created for self-defense, even against a tyrannical government.

6. Criminals Won't Respect Gun Regulation

Just because gun laws may be tightening in your area doesn't mean that people will follow them. If a criminal has the intention of doing something, they will most likely still find a way to do it. 

Places like the dark web make just about everything easy to buy these days. So, even if all registered guns are turned over to the government, there will still be people out there with unregistered guns. If they don't have guns, they can still find them.

If there are people out there with guns who may harm you, it's wise to have a way to defend yourself.

7. Guns are Interesting

We often imagine gun talk to be extremely political, republican, and serious. In reality, most of the people you hear that are actually talking about specific guns are just like little kids that are giddy over a new toy. 

Guns are just cool to a lot of people. Shooting is probably a big appeal for a lot of consumers, but guns in general spark the interest of many people. Guns are also very interesting to build for many people. If you're looking to get into building guns as a hobby, an 80 lower receiver will help build your firearm and get you started.

Different mechanisms, bullets, applications, and adjustments are all things that you can learn and think about without even shooting the gun. Apex Tactical has a lot of information about unique gun components on their site, future enthusiasts might be interested in learning more.

8. Law Enforcement Won't Always Show Up Right Away

Some people argue that civilians don't need guns because law enforcement is there to protect them. This is the case a lot of times, but there are certainly moments when you aren't able to reach your phone and call 911. 

Additionally, law enforcement takes a number of minutes to arrive in most cases. Most dangerous situations happen in a matter of seconds or minutes, and they require the individual to be alert and in a degree of control of their own safety. Having a gun on hand can definitely help in that situation. 

Finally, refer back to number 5 on our list. Law enforcement could (if things take a large turn for the worse) be the ones that individuals need to defend themselves against. 

9. You Can Set an Example

If you're a person who wouldn't typically be pegged as a gun owner, why not set an example? You can be a perfectly normal person who happens to own a gun without being a danger to society. 

Additionally, you don't have to be too loud and proud of the fact that you own a gun. You could just, you know, have a gun and not feel the need to throw that fact in anyone's face.

Reasons Not to Own a Gun

On the other side of things, there are definitely a lot of good reasons for you not to own a gun. Take a close look at the following items to see if they might apply to you and your family.

1. Children in the House

Having curious children in the presence of guns could be extremely dangerous. It's important that you don't keep a gun if you think that your family's lives could be put in danger.

Your pets' lives could also be put in danger in the presence of guns. Specifically, if someone untrained is shooting the gun or thinks that your pet is a wild animal. 

2. Mental Health Issues

If you or someone in your family is potentially suicidal, you will want to really consider whether or not a gun is necessary. Additionally, you want to ensure that no one who might harm someone has access to the gun.

3. They Can Be Excessive

Wildly complicated and powerful guns are really not needed in most situations. Some guns were made for warfare. In other words, they were made to kill people

Those aren't guns that civilians ever need.

4. Firearms are Difficult to Use

If you want to truly protect yourself, you will need to undergo some serious training. Pulling out a firearm in a stress situation is more complicated than it seems on television. 

If you live in a pretty safe environment, it might more dangerous to simply have a firearm on you at all.

5. Accidents Happen

Sometimes you don't have the safety on and you bump the trigger, sometimes the device malfunctions. 

Accidents with guns are extremely dangerous, and they can't happen if there isn't a gun involved in the first place.

6. We've Seen Tragedy

While it is comforting to have a gun in the case of self-defense, we have some people take their self-defense too far. 

In other words, people are liable to make subjective mistakes based on their readings of the situation. Take the shooting of Trayvon Martin, for example.

7. You Don't See the Need

Just because you can do something doesn't mean you have to. If you don't feel like a gun would add any benefit to your life, don't get one!

Why add the risk of mistake and harm if you don't even desire a gun in the first place?

Interested in More Lifestyle Advice?

If you're thinking over reasons to own a gun, think about how it would fit into your lifestyle. If it doesn't seem right and you don't have the desire, don't bother. If it seems like the right choice, go for it. 

There are a lot of lifestyle decisions that we could all use a little help in making, visit our site for more ideas and tips to improving yourself and your lifestyle.