The Essential Men’s Rave Fashion Guide to Look Lit
May 29, 2019

The Essential Men’s Rave Fashion Guide to Look Lit

Music festival season has begun, and it is the time of the year to unleash your inner party freak, bring out your quirkiest fashion accessories, choose your favorite lineup, and let the party begin.

But before you kick off the party, you need to figure out what you should wear!

The good thing is that there isn’t any particular dress code you need to follow on these music festivals. A pinch of your spirit, a dash of vibrancy, a taste of quirkiness and a bit of electrifying touch – and you will be all set to slay the show.

But if you are a man, then things might get a bit complicated. When the rave festival season hits the year, then most brands bring out new fashion trends for girls to win their looks on these festivals. And men are mostly left with the usual tank tops and shorts with some bizarre haircuts which you start hating after one day.

Instead of turning in a fashion disaster after spending a hefty amount on buying a festival ticket, it is better to take some fashion guide to dress up for the festival.

Here is what you should wear on a rave festival to look lit:

Pick Your Lower Wear:

Your choice of pant or short will depend on the weather, either it is too hot, moderate, or a sudden downpour has dropped the temperature. If you are going to stay at the festival till night, then things might get a bit tricky! Mostly it gets cold at nights, and a short might not work for you. In this case, cropped pants can save your day.

After selecting the best-suited pick, now it is time to decide what will be the style of your pants or short? Obviously, simple down wear is a big ‘no’ for a rave festival. To give it a bit lit touch, you can go for Hawaiian scene, or customized painting, some quirky abstract art or simply amalgamation of different colors. Whatever, but not a simple white, black, or navy blue thingy man!

Select Your Upper Wear:

If you are a bit on the shy end and don’t want to ditch your upper wear, then choose a one!

There are myriad options in rave gear supplied by iHeartRaves to decide your upper wear, from cropped tops, tanks, button-ups, hoodies to t-shirts, anything can work.

Go for an all-over design, Hawaiian touch, tie-dye thrill, quirky shapes, and if nothing works, then what about going for a customized feel? A splash of customized touch will keep you on the edge of the fashion in the whole festival.

Pair Up with Accessories:

A rave festival’s fashion is incomplete without an accessory. You should be banned from entering the festival venue without a tint of accessory.

Adding accessories also doesn’t mean to wear masks with poor breathability that will faint you or wearing bracelets on your full arm that keep on irritating you.

Go for a colorful or patterned bandana — sunglasses with electrifying shades or out-of-the-box frames. Bracelets and chains, hats and spirit hoods, themed socks and shawls – well, there are so many options to choose that you can’t miss adding an accessory.

So, now you know how to break your simplicity code on the rave festival and get dressed to merge with the vibes of the festival. Go for it!