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The Easy Way To Budget & Save As A Modern Man

People who save money are happier and have a more positive well-being than those who don’t, according to a study reported by CNBC. Men have already shown they’re good at investing as the average male’s net worth is more than $12,000. But being a saver doesn’t mean you can't treat yourself to the latest fashion trends or newest gadget. Here’s how to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Save as much as possible 

More than one-quarter of Americans don’t have a savings account. The benefit of a savings account is that it encourages you to save your cash, you earn interest, they’re easy to open and manage, and they can be a lifeline in a financial emergency. It’s rewarding to set yourself a savings goal and to reach it. Plus, the more money you have saved, the more you can afford to buy yourself. For example, if you’ve got several hundred saved, you can easily pay for some of this year’s biggest fashion trends for men which include flared trousers and Varsity jackets. Keep your savings topped up by working overtime, setting up a monthly standing order from your checking account, and by using savings apps which automatically stash away your change.

Borrow wisely

Borrowing cash is often seen as a risky move, but, when it’s done right, it can have its advantages. For example, if you borrow money from a lender on a 0% deal and ensure you pay back what you owe on time, you’ll easily build your credit score up without having to pay out any money in interest. This will work in your favor when you need to make big investments, such as applying for a mortgage for a house. Even if you do have to pay interest, a glowing credit score can be more beneficial in the long-run as you’ll qualify for better deals and a higher amount of credit. Just make sure you’re clear on the rates you’re paying by borrowing from a reputable source. A lender should always advertise their best rate and make the borrowing process swift and as easy as possible. If they don’t, it should raise a red flag and you’re best to steer clear.

Set a strict budget 

Men make impulse purchases more often than women, according to CNBC. This sets them back around $100 a time. When you’re shopping for goods, such as fashion accessories, new clothing, and home furnishings, make sure you set a strict budget and stick to it. If you think you're likely to be tempted to overspend, limit yourself by taking cash to the shops with you and leaving your cards at home. Alternatively, set up an account just for your shopping habit and only spend the money in this account when you hit the shops in person or online.  
Saving and budgeting for the things you want is the key to good financial health. When you do this, you appreciate the things you have more and you set yourself up well for the future. 
The Easy Way To Budget & Save As A Modern Man