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The Best Crystal and Gemstone Bracelets for Zodiac Signs

If you are looking for energy stones or crystal bracelets specific to you, it's important to find ones that match your zodiac sign.

These zodiac signs originate from ancient Babylon culture and their understanding of the stars. By looking at the constellation in the sky in your birth month, you can find out your sign. Once you find your sign, finding a matching stone or crystal is the last hurdle before you can get your perfect bracelet.

In this post, we will guide you through the zodiac signs and find suitable stones and crystals for your personality.

Crystal and Gemstone

Ideal Crystal and Gemstone Bracelets for Zodiac Signs

Do you believe that stones and gems have powers? Every naturally occurring stone and crystal has effects that can influence your emotions and your surroundings. Since some stones and crystals give off strong energies and have negative effects, you should use them with caution.

  • For Aries

  • March 21st – April 19th 

    Aries are known for their bold and unapologetic nature. However, their constant need for recognition and external validation can sometimes appear self-centered.

    Those born in March can use Aquamarine to balance Aries' high energy. And the Aries born in April can take Diamond as their birthstone. Additionally, the Carnelians are one of the best crystals for Aries. These gems are ideal to improve confidence.

  • For Taurus

  • April 20 – May 20

    If Taurus is your zodiac sign, you’re ambitious with big dreams. However, that can make you stand out in a negative way. Your best stone is a Diamond if you were born in April.

    For May Taurus, your gemstones are Emerald. These gemstones help you build your mental strength. Moreover, the best crystal for Taurus is Red Jasper for gaining strength. 

  • For Gemini

  • May 21st – June 20th

    Geminis are friendly with everyone; people think you’re two-faced. Below are crystal and gemstone recommendations to help you deal with this:

    May Gemini’s Stones: Emerald and Chrysoprase are ideal for those born in May. Typically, Emerald symbolizes rebirth, fortune, and youthful energy.

    June Gemini’s Stones: If you were born in June, Pearl and Moonstone belong to you. These stones give you love and good luck.

    Gemini Crystal: The best crystal for Gemini is the Tiger Eye. This crystal resolves internal and external problems.

  • For Cancer

  • June 21st – July 22nd 

    Cancers have a high level of empathy, which makes them susceptible to lashing out and passive aggression when led by emotions. 

    Here are some stones and crystals to help you find a balance between your feelings and those of others:

    June Cancer Stones: These are pearls and moonstones. Pearl stones help you tap into your wisdom and nurture love for others.

    July Cancer Stones: These are Ruby and Carnelian. These stones help ward off misfortune and evil energy.

    Cancer Crystal: The best crystal for Cancer is Hematite. It hones focus and provides mental stability. 

  • For Leo

  • July 23rd – August 22nd

    Leos have a loveable personality. Yet, they have a hard time sharing the spotlight. 

    Here are some stones and crystals to help you sustain energy and make thoughtful decisions:

    July Leo Stones: Rubies and Carnelians are ideal for Leos born in July as they are rejuvenating stones.

    August Leo Stone: Peridot, ideal for those born in August, builds mental strength by bringing peace and harmony.

    Leo Crystals: The best crystal for a Leo is Tiger’s eye. Tiger’s eye grounds you, allowing you to make well-thought-out and cohesive decisions.

  • For Virgo

  • August 23rd – September 22nd

    Virgos are hard-working people. However, their love for control can lead to perfectionism, and focusing too much on flaws may harm their relationships. To soothe this energy, consider the emotionally healing Peridot stone if you were born in August.

    If you were born in September, you should get Beads energy stone bracelets made of Lapis Lazuli. This stone will reveal to you compassion. As for crystals, Rose Quartz can help you heal from emotional wounds.

  • For Libra

  • September 23rd – October 22nd

    If you are a Libra, you are known for playing the mediator. That means that you also have difficulty taking sides. Here are the best gemstones to overcome your indecision:

    September Libra Stones: Blue Sapphire will enlighten you, making your decisions easier.

    October Libra Stones: Though Opal is believed to hold nearly all powers of the other gemstones, it is especially known for the clarity it can bring you.

    Libra Crystal: The Green Aventurine is the best crystal to manage your indecisiveness. 

  • For Scorpio

  • October 23rd – November 21st

    Scorpios have dreams that are bigger than life; however, they can be clouded by jealousy. To deal with this jealous energy, you Opal for those born in October. This stone helps you find truth and clarity.

    For the Scorpio born in November, they should try Yellow Topaz. This stone draws wealth towards you. On the other hand, the Moss Agate crystal is also a great choice for you since it transforms all negative energy into positive ones.

  • For Sagittarius

  • November 22nd -- December 21st 

    As a Sagittarius, you're always on the quest for new experiences. This wanderlust can easily turn into a fear of settling down.

    As a Sagittarius, you should try Yellow Topaz if you were born in November. This stone will help you gain abundance. As for those born in December, you should get jewelry made of Turquoise.

    As a matter of fact, Turquoise can help you solve your problems. Furthermore, the best crystal for a Sagittarius is the Clear Quarts. With it, you can get clarity and balance.

  • For Capricorn

  • December 22nd – January 19th

    Capricorns are known for their drive — especially in the workforce. Alas, this positive attribute often turns into a negative when it comes to personal relationships. 

    To help your relationships heal, here are some stones and crystals:

    December Capricorn Stone: Turquoise will help you achieve your career vision.

    January Capricorn Stone: Garnet can help protect against disasters.

    Capricorn Crystal: The Hematite is perfect, especially if you struggle with personal relationships. It can help you better communicate with your loved ones.

  • For Aquarius

  • January 20th – February 18th

    Aquarius people are known for being pigheaded and indecisive. As a January Aquarius, you would be best off with Garnet jewelry. Garnet is known for its power to keep away grave danger.

    As for February Aquarius, you should use an Amethyst bracelet to help you balance your mood swings. When it comes to crystals, amethysts are the best choice for you. This crystal will bring you peace and help you release your negative energy.

  • For Pisces

  • February 19th – March 20

    These types of people are a bit too sensitive to things. This leads them to avoid situations and duties. An amethyst bracelet is good for those born in February as it lessens negative energies.

    March Pisces should opt for Aquamarine jewelry since it is the stone of courage. Plus, Green Aventurine is the best crystal to deal with your avoidant behavior. This crystal will give you the confidence to brave your challenges.  


    Your zodiac sign is the constellation you were born under. It's only natural that many want to pair them with jewelry. For example, if you are a Gemini, the Tiger Eye is a great choice that can be used in chakra energy stone bracelets. Plus, Amazonite gemstones can help Leo, Aries, and Scorpio signs. Helping people who have experienced trauma, or anything else that drains their energy is one of the significant Amazonite healing properties. Overall, all stone and crystal bracelets bring significant meaning and power to you.