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The “Art of Beer Museum” will Celebrate the Impact of Art in the Beer Industry

When you think of beer, you conjure up thoughts about IPAs, ale vs. lager, and whether the beer is better dry-hopped.

However, there is more to beer than just great liquid. The artwork on craft beer bottles has become something of a niche art genre, which is why the Art of Beer Museum is looking to showcase it all in one place.

The Art of Beer Museum is the brainchild of Joe Stickel, a founding partner in Midnight Oil Brewing Company, and founder of the Craft Beer Art Project. This will, in fact, be the first museum of its kind dedicated to the Art of Beer.

Craft beer accounts for nearly a quarter of the $114 billion beer market today. On the logos and labels of all those craft beers are some great works of art.

Rather than just throwing out the artwork which comes with your beer, why not keep it in your life? That is what the Craft Beer Art Project has been doing.

To support the museum project, you can find colourful and unique craft beer artwork on phone cases, blankets, doormats, stickers, towels, and more. It’s a great way to show your support for the craft beer movement, as each design contains elements of dozens of craft beer labels.

The artwork on beer has been around since the 1800s, however recently it has become an area where creativity has been pushed to new heights.

With more craft beers continuously coming onto the scene, breweries now know they must do something special to attract attention on shelves. There is a very real need to stand apart from the increasingly crowded field of choices.

That is where label artwork comes in, because the possibilities are practically endless. Thanks to this, we now have a tremendous amount of iconic artwork on beer labels around the world.

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Turning the Art of Beer Museum Into a Reality

Joe is gathering signatures using an online petition to prove the Art of Beer Museum is truly a great idea that should be transformed into a physical location displaying craft beer artwork from throughout history.

To raise funds, he is working with artists from around the world to create iconic and collaborative artwork showcasing snippets from real craft beer logos you have probably seen in the store.

These collages are sure to turn heads and inspire a feeling of unity throughout the craft beer community.

With your help, we can preserve and celebrate the history and impact that art has on the beer industry.

This is one of those things which will have books written and documentaries filmed about. It’s important to remember one of the reasons why craft beer has become such a beloved niche is its partnership with the art community.

You can also support the creation of the Art of Beer Museum by picking up some great gifts at the Craft Beer Project store ( Every design is created by upcycling existing beer label art, making it both unifying and unique.

All sales will directly benefit the museum project. These gifts will add some flavor and character to your home while helping preserve the artwork of talented artists from all over the world within a beloved subculture. Let’s celebrate the art of beer!

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