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The 4 Best Ways to Give CBD to Dogs

CBD is an exciting new health product with a wide array of benefits. Benefits that extend to our canine companions as well as to ourselves. The only problem is that CBD oil is characterized by a notoriously pungent odor. Many dogs seem to know they will not like the flavor of the CBD oil and refuse to eat their healthy CBD treatments. You can get more information regarding CBD oil at

For this reason, we have provided this simple guide to introducing CBD to your dog’s health regime.


All dogs have one special treat or snack that makes them go bonkers. This makes it very easy to sneak a small beneficial health booster right into their canine systems. Done right, a treat that has a strong flavor or smell will nicely mask the odor and flavor of CBD oil and this makes a great delivery method. Not only did you give your dog their favorite snack, but you managed to throw in some health benefits at the same time, this makes you a hero.

Of course, for best results you will also want a treat that is nutritious and a good delivery system for CBD and its nutrients. According to dogperday, dogs like ice cream, but the high sugar content can diminish the efficacy of the CBD nutrients. A better choice would be a dog biscuit or piece of chicken jerky. The Brown Beggars sweet potato slices are an especially good option.


There are a great variety of flavors, textures and compositions on the market and you are absolutely sure to find an option that your dog will love and appreciate. Of course, you are spoilt for options, so finding the CBD dog treat that strikes a chord with your canine can be a tough. However,  take a look at this page - it may shed some light on choosing.

One option that we have noticed is especially popular with dogs is the terrific line of Natural Doggie CBD infused coconut oil. This all natural product has one of the best delivery systems for the CBD nutrients and is especially effective. Coconut oil in itself has a great way to benefit your pet’s health.

If you have an especially finicky dog that refuses all other methods of CBD treatment, this may be the best option for you. It mixes perfectly into just about any other food or treat. Of course, it may not be the right choice if you dog has a certain dislike for coconut oil and some dogs are just picky. If you want to know more about how to do this or the best CBD oil for dogs then


There will be a few canines who will simply refuse to take their medication no matter how you present it. For these situations, you may find it best to be direct with your approach. You can easily hold the dogs mount open and place the drops at the back of their throat. While this is a slightly aggressive remedy it is the most effective. Don’t feel bad either, this treatment will make them feel great and improve their immune system.


One sure fire way to administer CBD treatment to your dog is through their daily meals. Most dogs are so happy to eat they clean their bowls quickly after being served and this is the perfect way to ensure the CBD is ingested. This will also be an easy to remember way to administer daily dosages without adding another task to the process.

Whether you use wet or dry foods you will find that CBD actually melds quite nicely if it is spread throughout a portion of the meal. But, you may find that certain wet dog foods do not hide the flavors and odors well enough. Be sure to shop arounds for the best option.

Look for the one tell-tale sign that a dog food is not doing the job and hiding the odors of the CBD treatment. Some dogs will purposely throw the treated portion from the bowl or simply not eat this part of the meal. They can be pretty cunning in avoiding what they don’t each so watch closely to make sure you are not wasting your CBD treatment.