The 3 Things To Do For Spring Cleaning When You Have A Pet
March 23, 2022

The 3 Things To Do For Spring Cleaning When You Have A Pet

As soon as winter seems to be over and the spring birds start their songs, people begin to think of how they need to clean things up. There is a reason that spring cleaning is a thing because the house has been sealed up all winter and needs a thorough tidying up.

There is a lot to do for an ordinary house once spring starts arriving. When you are a pet owner there is even more that needs to be done. You’ve likely been cleaning up after messy pets all winter, but things have a tendency to accumulate. It’s time for a deep clean. In this article, we will go over several things that need to be done when you own a pet.

1 - Clean all the bedding

After a long winter, their bed is certainly not the cleanest it can be even if you have been doing it periodically. It is certainly full of mites, bacteria, and possibly even fleas. Their bedding will need to be washed in a washing machine on its hottest setting with antibacterial detergent.

If your washing machine is not big enough then you probably need to bring it to a laundromat so it can be properly washed and then dried on the hottest setting to kill everything in it.

It isn’t enough to only clean their bedding. You may also be dealing with fleas in yours as well. If you have been getting some phantom bug bites, then it may be fleas that have migrated from their bedding to yours.

What do flea bites look like? They often are confused with mosquito bites as they look similar and are itchy. They are usually concentrated around the lower part of the body, however.

2 - Steam clean the carpets

No matter how diligent you’ve been about vacuuming the carpet, it is not nearly enough to continue doing that at the end of the winter. Over the last few months, the carpet has been accumulating fur that gets trapped in the fibers. Not only that, but dust mites and pet dander have accumulated as well.

This means that you have to do a deep steam cleaning to get right down to the base of the carpet. Hot steam will kill any bacteria that has been growing in the carpet, too.

3 - Disinfect their toys

Pet toys have been sitting around inside the house all winter and allowing bacteria to build up. They are usually damp and dirty and will often end up getting the house dirty in general. It’s a good idea to give them a deep clean by putting them on the top shelf of the dishwasher to make sure that all the dirt, grime, and bacteria are removed and killed.

If you don’t want to use the dishwasher, then take a bucket filled with warm soapy water and let them soak there for a little while before giving them a good scrub.