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The 2021 British Open Championship

The Open Championship is the oldest golf tournament in history. It is also the most prestigious one. The British Open Championship is back to the PGA Tour schedule since the 2020 edition did not hold because of COVID-19. The best golf players in the world grace this competition every year.

Every year, millions of fans watch or stream the competition from all over the globe. The 2021 Open Championship will be the 149th edition of the competition. For an extensive overview of the tournament, read on!

Date and Venue for the 2021 British Open Championship

The 2021 British Open tournament will be played in Royal St. George’s Golf Club in England. This is the 15th championship to take place in this venue. The date for the competition is between July 15th and July 18th, 2021.

The 2021 British Open Championship 

The Open Championship Field

A total of 156 players constitute the Open Championship Field. These players enter by participating in qualifiers and fulfilling exemption criteria.

Some of these types of players include winners of specified amateur contests (such as the Amateur Championship), recent Open champions, past major winners, and highly positioned players in the world rankings.

There is a chance for three players to enter through the European Tour’s Scottish Open on 11th July 2021. The Open Qualifying Series will also leave 46 spots up for grabs.

The Regional qualifiers will take place on June 24 and will be concluded on July 2, 2021. Another 12 players can hop into the Open Championship Field through this window.

Top Players to Watch in the 2021 British Open Tournament

Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson is the hottest favorite to win this year’s British Open. He also joined the PGA tour in 2008. He won the 2020 Masters Tournament with a record score as well as the 2016 US open. According to the DraftKings Sportsbook, Justin has the highest probability of winning this year’s Open.

Rory McIlroy

After his win at Quail Hollow, Rory McIlroy is still one of the hottest to win the British Open. Rory has ended within the top 10 in two of the 2020s three majors. The four-time Major Champion will fancy his chances this summer.

John Rahm

This 26-year-old professional Spanish golfer has only featured in four Open Championship. He finished on top of the T-11 rankings in 2011. He also won the Memorial Championship and finished in the first position in the Official World Golf Rankings.

Justin Thomas

He has never gotten a place in the top 10 in this championship. Justin experienced an awesome year when he won the FedExCup championship and PGA championship in 2017. He could have another breakout moment in this year’s open.

Brooks Koepka

Koepka has won major golf tournaments excluding the open. He suffered significant injuries for a large chunk of 2020. The odds are in his favor at the moment.

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How to Bet on the 2021 British Open Tournament

Many bookmakers have provided future odds for the 2021 Open Championship from over a year ago. One thing that punters should know is that future odds change. The odds change based on a player’s health and pre-tournament performances.

Dustin Johnson is currently the favorite for the win. Several other players have occupied the number 1 position over the last 11 months.

When the 2021 Open championship gets very close, the odds will begin to change rapidly every day. More people will begin to place their bets. The intensity will reach an all-time high about a week before the event. It is normal for golfers to be placed in pools during the week of the competition.

The groups usually depend on the golfer’s public reputation, country of origin, and overall world ranking. Low scores and hole-in-ones will have prop bets set aside for them too.

The 2021 British Open Championship 

How to Read Golf Betting Odds for the 2021 Open Championship

Bookmakers usually place the name of the players and their odds side-by-side. The odds can be in the form of a number with a negative or positive sign in front of it.

A positive number tells you the amount you will win by staking $100. If a participant is +1500 to win a golf tournament, it means you will win $1,500 in addition to your $100. That makes a total of $1,600 for you.

A negative number will tell you how much you need to stake to win $100. If a player is -150 to win a golf match, you will need to bet $150 to win $100. That means you will get $250 from your bet.

Another way that bookmakers denote golf betting odds is fractional numbers. This way of writing odds is easier for punters to read. Multiply whatever amount you want to bet by the fraction to get the amount you will win in addition to your initial bet. For example, a player could be at 2/3 odds. If you place a bet of $300 on the player, you will win $300 in addition to your initial $200.

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How to Get Tickets for the 2021 Open Championship

There are already online platforms to get tickets for this year’s open. Fans should get their tickets and secure their seats for the game. R&A has claimed that a ticket ballot will be available for the 2022 edition.

Facts about the Open Championship

  • The 2019 Open Championship victor is Shane Lowry. He will defend his crown this summer.
  • The oldest and youngest winners of the competition are Tom Morris Sr. and Tom Morris Jr.


The Open is another major tournament we are expecting this summer. Top amateur players can use the opportunity to break into the limelight. Professional players will also continue to ply their trade.

As the D-day approaches, keep your gaze on the odds. The odds will begin to oscillate rapidly just before the main event. Punters can hit massive wins by setting their stakes high. Let’s buckle our belt and prepare for a terrific open championship.