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Techware The New Fashion Revolution

The Influence of techwear within the fashion industry is growing each year. The modern clothes that provide both utility and comfort, but the term techwear and everything it entails can be intimidating at first to understand. 

A great place to start is to define the term itself. Techwear can be clothing for everyday life that includes special fabric the allows for breathability, movement, water-resistance, and comfort.

What is Techwear?

The main appeal that Techwear clothing has to offer is that it makes life easier, whether it's being able to carry more stuff on a trip or even to stay completely dry when it pours!

Techwear clothing is not only about the fashion statement but allows you to put your clothing items to good use! Followers of the movement typically opt for a more mysterious look by wearing all black and a full face mask paired with gloves.

Fundamentally, Techwear is something that is drawing inspiration to a multitude of people! It definitely looks like what we ‘ve been told what the future would look like! For years we have all imagined what the future fashion would look like and defiantly techwear is it!

With reflective fabric that lights up and functional vest,techwear is defiantly the new fashion of the century. So how exactly did techwear come about? It's still unclear who first created this fashion trend but earlier this year, Spring 2019 Techwear has made an appearance in Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer Men's Collection! Featuring Tracksuits, vest, facemask, and utility bags.

Since then Sports brands like Nike, Adidas, and The North Face have made their own collection of techwear items for their brand. When considering all that techwear has to offer it's more than just dystopian utilitarianism, As the trend arises many people use techwear as an outlet of self-expression.

Being able to dress like something out of a comic book, or even a  sci-fi movie is enticing to most people. I imagine the look can make one feel confident and assured. Before the year is over I inspire you on this new endeavor to try something new!

So how can you shop the completed Tech look?

The beauty of techwear is that it's simple and effortless! The key to acing the trend is dressed in all black and layering your accessories! An easy Go-To look is wearing an all-black tracksuit and layering it with techwear accessories!

Just adding a few additions can make a huge difference in your outfit. You can shop various techwear accessories online or in stores. My Favorite Techwear store is Raikago! Raikago is an affordable Streetwear/Techwear clothing store that sells various techwear items that are super trendy!

This trendy online store sells all things from tactical vests, utility belts, bags and so much more! So before the seasons is completely over go grab your new techwear look!