Steve Lesnard, The North Face CMO and Global VP of Product Creation Discusses Vectiv
June 16, 2021

Steve Lesnard, The North Face CMO and Global VP of Product Creation Discusses Vectiv

Every serious trailblazer knows that the proper footwear is as essential as the air you breathe. And, as an avid hiker himself, Steve Lesnard, The North Face CMO and Global VP of Product Creation, understands that comfort and performance are equally critical for slogging and ultralight hiking. In a recent article published by Forbes, Lesnard explained the inspiration and vision behind the new 15-style collection of trail running and hiking shoes.

Speaking of the Vectiv System, he said, “Inspiration started at the top of Mont Blanc in France. Vectiv is designed to maximize energy on all types of terrain, it powers you forward, allowing runners to run comfortably longer by reducing the impact on their bodies.” 

More than two years of research and testing went into the award-winning shoe line. From the high-performance Vectiv carbon fiber Flight system that significantly reduces downhill impact and delivers high energy and propulsion on any terrain to the Futurelight fabric, every design detail empowers hikers to maximize their efforts.

The North Face claims its latest technology is the most advanced fabric available today. The innovative solution boasts "unrivaled air permeability, lightness and softness, all with less environmental impact," according to the Brand. And, while the technology is new to footwear design, the nano-spinning process is suitable for multiple outerwear applications.

The North Face has proven Futurelight for use in bulky jackets designed for high-altitude treks and lightweight running jackets for beginners. As far as the Vectiv shoe line is concerned, moisture control and incomparable wicking, along with the soft, cotton-like feel, take hiking to a new level without compromising comfort or performance.

Steve Lesnard is well known for his innovative products that disrupt the marketplace. With the introduction of the Vectiv System, he positioned the company to outpace competitors around the world. Steve's success is firmly rooted in anticipating consumer demand while digging deep into customer behaviors to elevate the outdoor experience.

He continuously pushes the boundaries, striving for better product performance while making The North Face products accessible to everyone. The Vectiv Exploris Mid Futurelight received the coveted Outside Gear of the Year 2021 Award. To paraphrase customer reviews, the award-winning shoe eliminates every common pain point on the trail. You get exceptional stability, a breathable membrane that prevents water penetration, and the lateral support needed for rugged trails. And, you get all of this without compromising anything. 

Explaining how The North Face Vectiv Exploris Mid Futurelight transformed the hiking experience, one tester/consumer said, “turning an ankle seems like an impossibility— that’s how stable this boot is.”

Dylan Bowman, a seven-year The North Face athlete, tested the first Vectiv prototype. He described his experience this way, “What makes it unique is how effective it is on all racing terrains and in training too. The durability is something that fascinates me. You can run comfortably on the roads and feel light and fast and then when you get into the mountains and much more technical terrain, you have a shoe you feel comfortable in picking your way through boulder fields.”

With so many benefits and zero trade-offs, the awarding-winning Vectiv Exploris is unbelievably priced below $200.