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Stay Ahead Of Time - A New Era Of Gym Outfits

Wellness is a fast-growing trend with more and more people seeking to adopt a healthy lifestyle as self-care transitions from a luxury to a necessity.

Many industries are seeing a consumer demand to shift their products and services to align with these new healthy living needs.

Thanks to the desire to get fit, the wholesale fitness apparel suppliers have seen a boom in the production and sales of sportswear, which is now more commonly known as activewear, or athleisure.

A New Era Of Gym Outfits

The birth of activewear

Activewear has changed the way we see our gym outfits. Whereas before, many people would happily go for a run in a baggy top and old shorts, nowadays what we wear at the gym is just as important as what we wear in public.

As sales of gym wear began to rise, well-known sports clothing key players launched new and improved lines with advanced technology, creating more breathable, sweatproof, and functional sportswear.

Meanwhile, the fashion industry witnessed this new desire to look good whilst getting fit and saw the opportunity to combine style and functionality, leading to the birth of activewear clothing brands such as Fabletics.

The newest fashion trend

Although most fashion trends come and go, it appears athleisure is here to stay. With the popularity in fitness activities such as Yoga, HITT, and Crossfit rapidly increasing, it looks like sporty outfits from clothing companies like Saina Athleisure are becoming a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.


Activewear brands are continuously updating their lines and using new technology to create the most innovative workout outfits. For example, Fabletics Trinity running leggings uses its unique Motion365 fabric which has been engineered for speed and comfort, wicking away sweat, and enabling a full range of motion.


Gone are the days that leggings and sports pants are only seen in the gym. The stylish designs of activewear clothing combined with their odor-free technology means you can go straight from yoga class to brunch with friends without the need to change.


Forget tight, uncomfortable lycra pants that stick to your skin, athleisure brands have mastered sports clothing that is so comfortable you can lounge about in it all day.

Let’s face it, nobody feels comfy wearing jeans at home, but going to the shops in your pajamas is not quite socially acceptable. With activewear, you no longer have this problem and can wear leggings and a hoodie as you run errands without feeling underdressed or slobby.

Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrities have always been major fashion influencers and with activewear, it’s no exception. Thanks to celebrities like Beyonce, Rita Ora, and Kate Hudson, we’re now able to look and feel better during our daily exercise.

You only have to look around the street to see the popularity of this new clothing trend. Sneakers, yoga pants, and hoodies are plentiful. Despite being able to feel glam whilst sweating at the gym, activewear has given us a perfect blend of comfort and style that we cannot get enough of.