Six Small Changes You Can Make For a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle
September 28, 2020

Six Small Changes You Can Make For a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Everywhere you look today you’ll see people going out of their ways to let you know how eco-friendly they are or their products and services are. It’s become a game of bragging rights almost.

But at the root of it, the increasing eco-friendliness of the developed world is still a very good thing indeed and you don’t need to completely upend your life to get involved, as evidenced by these small changes you can make to your daily life to do more for the environment.

Eat less meatWe’re not saying you have to go vegan, but consider maybe eating a vegan meal or two every week and fitting it into your routine. Maybe switch out Taco Bell and make your very own vegan crunchwrap supreme. The meat industry is comfortably one of the biggest contributors to the environmental crisis and even by cutting back on your consumption a little you’re doing a lot of good. You might expose yourself to a new diet you never even considered before in the process too!

Use sustainable packaging - In the months since the coronavirus pandemic kicked off, there has been a monumental increase in the number of parcels being sent. However, when using parcel courier services to send your gifts, sold items and more, consider switching to sustainable packaging that won’t just get chucked away onto a landfill.

Change your teabags - Of the 165 million cuppas drunk daily by us Brits, 96% are brewed using teabags animist of those teabags are not 100% biodegradable. Switch to a biodegradable teabag and you’ll be making a significant difference without spending much more whatsoever.

Ignore best before dates on fruit and veg - If you are one of the thousands of households that chucks away food as soon as it reaches its best before date then you might want to rethink your cavalier ways. On meat, fish and dairy you are, of course, recommended to dispose of any food past its best, but with fruits and veg, they are often still safe to consume days and even weeks after their listed date, particularly if they have been kept in the fridge.

Walk or cycle to work - This is a slightly more significant change, granted, but it’s also perhaps the most profound one you can make. You might even shift a few pounds in the process, so you could go ahead and cancel that gym membership too! Two birds with one stone! 

Go paperless - The amount of paper that’s still needlessly wasted every day is truly staggering. So, be a part of the green solution and cut down on paper wherever possible. That means unsubscribing from catalogues, opting in for paperless billing and statements and going digital with your correspondence wherever possible.

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