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Shopkeep Vs. Shopify: Which Is A Better Retail POS?

If you are planning to install a POS for your retail organization, you have many options available to choose from. Two of the most popular retail POS systems are Shopkeep and Shopify. These two are the top retail point of sale automation systems in the market today.

If you were wondering which of these two to select, then do read this comparison guide. This article compares the two systems by highlighting their key aspects. Based on this analysis, you can decide which of the two would be more suitable for your retail outlet’s needs.

Shopkeep POS

Shopkeep is an iPad-based POS system meant for different types of retail outlets. It is a cloud-based service that offers a comprehensive set of features to manage store operations. Shopkeep has a touch screen interface that is easy to use.

It comes with its own card processor, although, you can even integrate third-party processors. Apart from the regular POS features, it offers excellent analytic reports and helps monitor activities of staff daily. It also offers an offline mode to prevent work from stopping due to internet outages.

Shopkeep Vs. Shopify: Which Is A Better Retail POS?

Shopkeep POS offers many features convenient for stores

Shopify POS Data

Shopify is an iOS-based point of sale system that can be used to manage physical and online stores. On buying a Shopify POS, stores will receive a receipt printer, cash drawer, bar code scanner, and a Stripe powered card reader. It offers multiple channels for payments, all integrated through their network.

It is simple, user-friendly, and can handle inventory management comprehensively. Shopify also has the facility to generate analytics reports. It is specifically suited for retail stores, is ideal for all sizes of businesses, and is competitively priced.

Shopkeep Vs. Shopify: Which Is A Better Retail POS?

Shopify’s POS helps you automate your store easily

The Comparison

Having presented an overview of both the POS systems, read on to know the detailed comparison based on various parameters. You can go through each of the parameters and review the comparison for both the products so you can take a decision on which of the two systems will be ideal for you.

Basic info

Shopify is a POS system offered on the iPad and iPhone. It offers a single platform for online and physical stores. A free trial is available for those wanting to test the system.

Shopkeep is an iPad-based POS meant for retail stores, restaurants, and quick-serve businesses. No free trial is available.

Features offered

Shopify offers inventory management, product management, store management, multiple payment options, gift card facility, multiple sales channels, auto tax calculation, portable registers, and custom receipts options.

Shopkeep offers inventory management, payment processing, reporting and analytics, staff management, customer marketing, and register harmony options.


Shopify offers four different pricing plans that can be chosen depending on the size and volume of the business. They start from $9 per month for the Lite model, $29 per month for the basic model, $79 for Shopify, and $299 for Shopify Advanced.

Shopkeep keeps its pricing at less than $2.50 per day. The exact pricing depends on hardware requirements and is presented in the form of a quotation on contacting the company.


The pricing plans of Shopify are all-inclusive. They cover hardware costs for items such as barcode scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer, and card reader.

Shopkeep’s charges exclude hardware costs, which are extra and depend on client needs.


Shopify offers integration with other systems that include Active Campaign, LiveChat, LiveAgent, ShipStation, Zendesk, Zoho Sales IQ, Constant Contact, Post Affiliate Pro, etc. Shopify also integrates with other prime apps such as QB cloud hosting and Microsoft 365 business premium for smooth work efficiency. 

A lot of third-party integrations and apps are also available to help improve and optimize and  the online Shopify store. Drop In Blog, for example, allows creating an excellent blog for the website to help attract a lot of both online and in-store customers. 

Shopkeep integrates with Quickbooks, MailChimp, and Bigcommerce only. 

POS target clientele

Shopify’s POS is meant for small, medium, and large businesses. Some of the clients of Shopify include Packer Shoes, Tattly, and Fobo.

Shopkeep’s POS is suitable for small and medium businesses. Shopkeep’s clients include Brooklyn flavors.


Both the companies offer 24/7 support through a toll-free helpline, and there are no extra charges for the support services. Help website, online community, and knowledge base are available for both POS systems. Online case submissions are accepted by both Shopify and Shopkeep, but Shopify accepts them 24/7. Both systems offer training material in the form of guides and videos for customers to access.

Customer satisfaction

To analyze how customers are happy with the services provided by these two POS systems, you can consider the user satisfaction rating, devised by the popular review website Finances Online. 

  • The customer satisfaction rating for Shopify is 98%.
  • The customer satisfaction rating for Shopkeep is 90%.

These satisfaction levels have been calculated based on user reviews and positive and negative mentions on social media.