Shoe Brands Cashing In On The Excellence By Sportsmen
June 25, 2020

Shoe Brands Cashing In On The Excellence By Sportsmen

Sports shoes are a massive market that has millions of buyers all around the world. But what is it that makes a brand special? How does a particular design of shows get massive popularity?

The answer is simple. When a prominent sports personality manages a fascinating performance, the brands step in to cash in on their success. Major sports shoe brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Puma, etc. usually sponsor individual athletes.

Footballers, runners, basketball players, and the list go on. There is never a shortage of talent, and neither is there a slow moment in business. Let us take a moment here to remember some of the iconic sports-persons who have helped the cause for shoe brands.

Shoe Brands Cashing In On The Excellence By Sportsmen

Damian Lillard:

Adidas and Diamn Lillard go back in their long and durable partnership. Over time, the duo managed to produce magical performances in stunning shoes. The most iconic would be the D Lillard 1 that was released to commemorate his stardom. The show is high on comfort and is one of the best you can get to run around.

Jamal Crawford:

This basketball star collaborated with Brandblack and made the J. Crossover II, a popular name among sports show enthusiasts. It is interesting to note that he strayed from the usual shoe brands that enlighten the sports world.

When it comes to basketball shoes, few can give this a run for its money. The brilliant design with the added comfort makes you fly in the court and it is no surprise that this shoe is widely popular with the fans.

Nick Young:

Among the NBA players, Nick Young has probably the greatest collection of mesmerizing shows. He has a collection that includes some of the finest personalized products from brands like Nike.

He was also seen sporting Air Jordans. His signature moves on the court is characterized by his fine sense of style with his sports-shoe collection.

John Wall:

John Wall and Adidas go hand in hand as the NBA legend has been associated with the brand for a long time now. He shifted from Reebok and has since then made great strides with the J Wall 1.

His performances have also improved significantly ever since he made the change. This move also prompted his fans to get their hands on this brand.

Allen Iverson:

You cannot possibly forget the moment when Allen Iverson hit the famous three-pointer to make a historic win in the 2001 Finals. The iconic moment also saw him step over Tyronn Lue creating a controversy that immortalized the game.

What it also immortalized is the pair of shoes that he sported. He was wearing Reebok Answer IV (Black, White), a pair of shoes that have intrigued fans ever since then. It comes for $250 in StockX, a price that many fans are willing to pay to get a handful.

Vince Carter:

2000 NBA dunk contest made Vince Carter a household name among the basketball fans. He was wearing a Puma shoe a deal that was struck with a whopping $50 million.

However, due to some issues with the quality of the shoes, he shifted allegiance to Nike. It certainly worked well for the brands as they sold thousands of shoes that the star wore at his games.

Kobe Bryant:

Kobe Bryant is known for his love for Nike shows. He famously wore the Nike Kobe 11 Fade to Black shoes that were personalized for him. In a game, he scored 60 points at the finals.

This performance is forever remembered for the sheer brilliance he showed on the court that day. You can find the shoes for $1146 at StockX and we assure you that there are many takers for these amazing shoes.


The association has been golden – between sportsmen and brands. The more the personalities excelled, the more the brands sold these shoes. It also ensured that the players were paid handsome amounts.

It is always important to have the right sportswear if you are an athletic person. These brands provide just the right kind of shoes that provide comfort along with style. If famous personalities enjoyed them, there is no reason you wouldn’t.